Public Relations and SEO for Excellent Marketing Strategies

Plenty of businesses have managed to master all of the details and intricacies of public relations, as well as marketing, especially organizations that have multiple locations. Of course, there are useful strategies that have proven time and time again that they work perfectly, such as reputation management and local paid search, along with paid search adverts.

However, there aren’t many businesses that have ended up mastering the ability to have both the organic, and the map listings, ranking high on search engine results – also known as multi-local SEO. What these businesses don’t seem to know is that the best way to go about achieving this is through public relations.

With search engines, mainly Google, implementing newer and regular changes to its algorithms with each passing year, changes which completely move the SEO scores constantly, there’s a great need to keep up with the technology so that businesses can stay on top of search engine rank results. It’s always a battle to get to the top of those results, and staying there is its own separate battle.

However, businesses that have multiple locations or offices, seem to have a bit of trouble staying on top of those search engine results, and it’s possibly simply due to the number of locations. However, if a business wants all of the individual locations to rank high both in the organic search results as well as the map listings, all they need to do is to get other websites to talk about the business itself. The simplest way this is done is via public relations.

Combine PR and SEO

The goal of public relations is to get a business to become an authority in an industry, to establish a level of trust with the target audience, and finally, to connect with that target audience on a personal level. While back in the day, both public relations and SEO seemed to be two very different fields, with all of the improvements to the Google algorithm, this is no longer the case today.

Connect with the Media

The best way to get a high ranking result on any search engine available is to have a link from a highly authoritative website. That’s why each business location should build its own relationship with the local reporters, journalists as well as editors. All it takes is a few links from established websites to the various locations that the business works in, and the rankings are going to end up much higher in the results pages.

Become an Authority

Having the right public relations strategy is a handy tool whenever any search engine decides to change up something in their algorithm. Because, no matter what ends up happening, search engines are always going to be pushing the businesses that have big authority in their respective industries. The best way to do this is by providing both the journalists and the target audience with high-quality content that brings them value.

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