Public Relations in Marketing

Plenty of new and upcoming businesses often overlook the importance of public relations when it comes to their marketing strategies, especially when they are leaving the period of the launch and are gearing up for major profits.

However, public relations should always be an important part of any business’ marketing strategy. It doesn’t just stop a week after the launch, when all the buzz from the press outreach and public relations campaigns has died down. In fact, public relations should be a fundamental part of any business strategy.

There are plenty of ways businesses can ensure that public relations still have a big role in the marketing strategy, and that’s precisely what we’ll talk about in this post.

More Recognition

There are a number of benefits to including public relations strategies within a marketing plan. However, aside from improving the brand’s public image, having a good press outreach strategy tends to give unexpected results. This means that when the public relations team works with the marketing team, they can plan to cover all possible angles.

Thus, there should be no room for surprise when the result of the public relations and marketing strategies that were employed, lead to articles in prominent outlets which reinforce the brand’s status and image. Additionally, articles like that can easily gain a business several calls from potential investors.

Strengthening a Message

Once the main ideas of the initial marketing campaign have been created, and all of the messages that will be presented to the target audience have been chosen, it will be the PR team’s task to strengthen the message with excellent press coverage. The public relations team should be in charge of all the paid advertising and social pages that will be using the aforementioned messages, and the team has all the necessary tools to keep track of the data and the progress that is being made.

Additionally, the public relations team already has strong connections to the necessary journalists who are in the same niche as the business and have previously written about similar subjects. The team will know exactly which journalists to get in touch with, to really strengthen the message that the business is trying to promote.

Improving SEO

Although it’s not one of the most popular strategies, this is something that all brands – both big and small – care about. Plenty of businesses are constantly building backlink profiles, which, in turn, improve their search rankings on all the search engines available. Even though this isn’t the main point of public relations strategies, it’s a great bonus – especially when a prominent outlet or website starts to link to the business website.

Furthermore, it’s always important to communicate effectively within a brand’s own ideas and messages. Therefore, the messages and ideas should always be positive, and, more importantly, bring value to both the journalists and the readers. All of the status updates, blog posts, and press releases should carry the same ideas and messages, which will lead to an improved SEO score behind the scenes.

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