Public Relations Tips from The product Analyst, JOOKSMS, BAERING & ALEX AZOURY

During these times, many differing thoughts on the future of public relations.

Here’s some contributions from leaders in the Public Relations industry.

Willie, founder of The Product Analyst said, “Coping up to the new normal era, public relations are affected greatly. The pandemic has taken a toll on the industry, thus pushing the workers to use up their available choices to serve the people. 

But as it is a double-edged sword, it totally does not have to be difficult all the time, for clear messages make it right. If carefully directed, the PR industry would be able to listen to the clients, identify the confusing points, offer effective solutions, respond with clarity and assurance to build trust. 

In an organization, public relations work is to maintain a corporate image to the public. They serve as the skin that protects the organization from any rumors and unfavorable stories that the company meet. During this pandemic, public relations are tested for their strength and capabilities to preserve the integrity of their company .Most people may think that this may end the role of advertising yet for those small businesses. They ignite the flickering defense of each store. Public relations or advertising will never perish as the company sees them as armor to provide a unique forefront.”

Christopher Prasad, Marketing Manager of JookSMS said, “A Post COVID-19 world will see a boom for the PR industry, as many companies face the potential backlash if they are to have Covid Spikes within their workforce. People are going to be concerned about safety for some time to come, and believing a business is unsafe could do extreme damage to that business. Companies are likely to become more reliant on PR as they try to fight negative, and sometimes even false stories surrounding safety and COVID-19.”

“Public relations is a constantly evolving field. The days of simply targeting earned media and calling it a day are long gone – and have been for a while. In a digital world, publicists have had to get creative with social media campaigns, creating experiences for consumers, crafting pitches that cut through the noise and maybe even developing a brand journalism site. The current state of the world and the havoc that COVID-19 has wreaked on it will also change PR forever. Probably for the better. With the world forced to go remote, this has created newsrooms to get creative with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. and to evolve the way the news is told. With the nation’s new found comfort with virtual events, interviews and webinars, the ability to add live interviews into broadcasts with an ease that wasn’t previously available,” said Paige Berger, Media Strategist, BAERING.

“Public relations will always be a part of government and business, and those PR experts who specialize in Crisis communications have been kept busy lately. Public relations is all about sharing accurate information and communicating in a manner that is helpful, reassuring, and clear. There is never a time this is more crucial than in a period of crisis. he fact remains that there will always be PR experts who look for the headlines instead of really understanding their client and how that client’s message should be communicated to the relevant audience. The recent pandemic has demonstrated how the portrayal of events, coupled with incorrect or distorted data, can harm public perception and lead to a distrust of the public relations industry.

Post-crisis public relations will continue to be influenced by the rise of technology. This means that specialists will build media relationships in real-time across different platforms. PR professionals will require better data analysis skills, the ability to interpret that information and to see how it fits into the larger picture,” said

Alex Azoury – Founder & CEO, Home Grounds –

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