Public Relations to Boost your Films Visibility

There is no point for companies to create any sort of content, including films if they’re not reaching the right audience. To increase visibility companies have to get positive media coverage, mentioned on social media platforms, blog posts, and websites, to introduce their film to a broader audience. This kind of outreach is essential to expand the presence and reach the right people.

Media coverage

One of the best ways to promote a film is to generate positive media coverage for it. However, before getting to that point, companies first need to get to know and develop positive relationships with the right people at those media outlets. There’s no need for reporters to feel out of reach for anyone, and in fact, most have a great starting point at the tip of their fingers – social media platforms. Although emails are still a preferred option when it comes to pitching to journalists, because of social media, it’s easier than ever for practically anyone to reach out to and interact with journalists. In fact, most journalists appreciate it when someone reaches out to them with a relevant pitch, or even comment.

The best platforms for companies to reach out to journalists are LinkedIn and Twitter, as companies can comment on their content and reshare it, and use the platforms’ direct messaging features to send their pitches. When utilizing this strategy, it’s important for companies to position themselves as an authoritative and credible resource and a go-to place for any industry or niche information that the journalist might need now, or in the future. On the other hand, when sending out pitches via email, it’s first important for companies to figure out which journalists are going to be relevant to the story they’re trying to pitch, and pitch that story with an angle that they’re going to be interested in. Once a company has figured out those two elements for its pitch, the entire process becomes a lot faster and easier.


Another great way that companies can get more outreach through public relations for their films is by collaborating with social media influencers and content creators to reach a bigger audience of potential consumers. According to some estimates, over 70% of people in the US are on at least one social media platform, which means companies that aren’t taking advantage of this big pool of potential people they can reach through the platforms, they’re losing out. However, when collaborating with an influencer, it’s important for companies to be strategic in their promotional efforts, and create a partnership instead of simply asking to sponsor one of the influencer’s posts. Before any of that can happen, however, companies have to do thorough research to figure out which influencers they should be working with, whether their audience is engaged with the content they’re sharing, the number of people they’re able to reach on the platform, as well as which people they reach in the first place.

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