Publicity RFP Of Interest 

Proposer Responses Due by 2:00 pm PST Thursday, August 31, 2023

Appendix A: Scope of Services

The District is seeking to contract with marketing and communication firms for District Branding, Online

and Printed Marketing and Collateral Materials, Public Relations and Crisis Communications, Media

Buying services, and Ethnic Media Outreach services at the local, state and national levels to assist the Los Angeles Community College District in its long-range planning and enrollment through institutional

development and outreach. The purpose of this RFP is to solicit proposals for (5) different benches of

marketing and communication firms for the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD).

The District will identify and contract with firm(s) to build positive brand awareness about the District,

influence public opinion about LACCD and community colleges, and increase Los Angeles Community

College District student enrollments. The selected firm(s) will understand data-driven metrics and

messaging for key target audiences alongside the most effective platforms for reaching them.

Additionally, they will develop compelling messaging in multiple languages that resonate with a diverse Los Angeles audience and develop strategies to determine the most effective media, communications, platforms and channels. Additionally, firms appointed to the benches will measure, evaluate and continuously improve the communication plans to stay effective and dynamic in the crowded Los Angeles media market.

Proposers may submit proposals for one, some or all classes set forth in the RFP “Scope of Services”

subsections as follows:

Class I: District Branding Services

Class II: Online and Printed Marketing and Collateral Materials

Class III: Public Relations and Crisis Communications Services

Class IV: Media Buyer

Class V: Ethnic Media

This suite of services may include some of the following marketing and advertising services, including:

Concepts, vision, intended outcomes, collaborative design development, storyboard conceptions and

development, identification of marketing platforms, strategic marketing consultation, approval process,

placements, real-time benchmarking, tracking, key performance indicator analyses, and post-campaign

reports and analyses for districtwide and college-specific needs. All contractors must respond to the District or its colleges within 48 hours of each project request.

Each Class will be evaluated and scored separately.

Multiple firms may be selected for appointment on the benches. LACCD reserves the right to select none, or more than one firm to provide the required services. In addition to, the LACCD may reject all proposals and decide to withdraw its RFP in its entirety.

Class I: District Branding Services

The vendor’s proposal should provide evidence of its ability to translate our brand strategy and brand

identity into a cohesive brand – a look/feel/tone for all executions representing the institution and a separate one for all nine colleges that is flexible enough for a range of audiences, including current students, prospective students (including adult learners), faculty and staff, alumni and donors, prospective students (including adult learners), and parents and families of current students and prospective students, community members, and others.

Some possible objectives and deliverables are:

• Elements for brand visual representation.

• Design brand concepts for LACCD that include recruitment materials.

• Finalize chosen direction in all applications.

• Update the brand guidelines to reflect the final brand concept, including a style guide with an asset

library for digital platforms.

• A brand toolkit

Objectives and Deliverables

The District is seeking a bench of agency partners to bring a new brand strategy to life visually through

a new and cohesive logo family and system comprising a refreshed LACCD to align with the nine

colleges. This also includes a sub-branding system and logo treatment for nine colleges, departments,

divisions, and programs; updated brand guidelines; and the co-development and implementation of a

rollout plan. The objectives and deliverables are:

Develop several concepts for the District that are all applied to various contexts and formats. Conduct

four (4) rounds of revisions before finalizing the example. All logos, variations and the seal should aim

to meet accessibility standards (Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, WCAG 2.0AA, and WAIARIA).

Phase 1 – Develop the Brand Activities and Deliverables

Discovery – Brand audit, research, and analysis

• Review and aggregation of previous market research, current messaging, and


Strategy – Design and develop brand platform

• Brand personality and tone Los Angeles Community College District that is based

on a data-driven strategy for the region, state and nation.

RFP 23-11 – Districtwide Marketing, Communications and Advertising Services Page 34 of 35

• Create a comprehensive strategy to achieve the District and college’s vision that

combines an ongoing marketing analysis to ensure goals stay on track.

Phase 2 – Messaging & Visual Identity

Messaging – The District story

• Brand narrative (a compelling story that defines the District’s role in the

community, region and nation).

• Visual identity

• Provide LACCD with all master versions, including all original eps files.

• Develop a companion reference guide (PDF) outlining which file to use for which


• Preview the deliverables above with key members of the District and college

communities and continue to get their buy-in to the new branding.

Timeline: The contractor will be expected to complete all deliverables above within five (5)

months following the commencement of services or by August 31, 2024, or a pre-determined date.

Class II: Online and Printed Marketing and Collateral Materials

Objectives and Deliverables

The vendor’s proposal should provide evidence of the design and development of collateral marketing

materials. The District is looking for a bench of firms to create materials of this kind for a variety of

enrollment and stakeholder engagements. The projects may include two magazines, yearly annual

reports, four quarterly district-wide and community e-newsletters, and other projects as needed. All

projects will need to be printed, shipped, and have a web-based version with video that is ADA


Agencies will also provide a content strategy outline for development, publication, and governance of

content for the materials; recommend a roadmap for public-facing content and restricted-access

content; provide design patterns guide and a content style guide that addresses the use of

imagery/photography, icons, infographics.

Collateral Design/Development (Print and Digital)

• Design graphics, charts, logos, invitations, web pages and other materials according to

Requesting Institution’s directions and goals.

• Provide layout services for newsletters, reports, and other publications.

• Provide a maximum of three (3) unique designs/layouts for consideration by Requesting


• Provide a maximum of three (3) rounds of edits to selected version that incorporate

Requesting Institution’s feedback and edits.

• Provide all design/layout projects in the format specified by Requesting Institution to

enable easy reviewing, editing, printing, and distribution.

• Develop culturally competent variations in messaging and written content, including

bilingual messaging and/or content for any audience communicating in a language other

than English, particularly Spanish.

Video/Photography Services

• Develop ideas and create storyboards for videos that meet goals for messaging, content,

style, and length, including a minimum of three (3) unique ideas for video style and story.

• Write original scripts for selected idea/story and provide up to three (3) revised versions

that incorporate feedback and edits.

• Provide videography/photography as directed by District or colleges.

• Produce videos in format that can be posted on YouTube, District or colleges websites,

and/or other media as directed. District or colleges will provide institution-specific

images, but contractor will provide all other images, B-roll or video used, along with voice-over, music, graphics, etc. needed to complete video, ensuring all necessary permissions have been secured.

• Must also provide a timed captioning file for each video that can be uploaded to YouTube

for CC.

• Provide a web style guide and design documentation that can be incorporated into District

or colleges’ overall style guide.

Class III: Public Relations and Crisis Communications

Objectives and Deliverables

The vendor’s proposal should provide evidence of a proven record of expertise and relevant success in

communications in a higher education environment. The District is looking for a bench of firms to

assist the colleges with issue-related and proactive media inquiries, including identification of, and

coordination for, media opportunities such as press coverage, conferences, briefings and interviews.

Development, completion, and advancement of the District’s profile with media relations and public

outreach and the production of deliverable communications materials on behalf of a college or district.

Proposer(s) must also provide evidence of appropriate staffing with prior expertise in these specialized

communications to produce all necessary materials in all formats and in multiple languages and

multiple communications platforms appropriate for the ethnic and multi-lingual diversity of the Los

Angeles’s media market as well as the national higher education media market.

Issue-specific news media and social media materials, including, but not limited to, news releases,

media kits, fact sheets, white papers, issue statements and distribution of the same in targeted media

outlets, platforms and multiple languages and ethnic markets.

Ongoing support services for the duration of the campaign assigned.

Category: Communications Planning and Assessments

• Provide assessments, benchmarking, goalsetting, recommendations, and reports to

develop communications strategies and/or action plans.

• Evaluate and make recommendations concerning existing and desired communications

performance, budgets, staffing levels, policies, and practices.

• Compile, write, edit, format and/or draft strategic, events, or project communications

plans that can be presented to leadership and stakeholders for approval to include:

a. Digital (editable and pdf) versions of the final plan or report for

printing/distribution by District and colleges.

b. Detailed and comprehensive assessments and recommendations, with cited

benchmarking and research, actionable recommendations, and evaluation


Category: Crisis Communications and Issues Management

• Develop and implement proactive, comprehensive crisis communication plans that

identify roles and responsibilities, provide step-by-step guidelines, and address multiple

types of crises and audiences.

• Provide crisis communications training, including spokesperson training and tabletop

situational exercises, to leaders and communicators identified by the District and

colleges. Training should be videotaped for reference and feedback.

• Provide communications leadership, support, key talking points and guidance during an

ongoing emergency or crisis.

• Provide ongoing monitoring of key issues.

• Conduct reputational vetting of key companies and individuals identified by the District

and colleges with input from the contractor, as requested, to proactively identify and

address issues.

Category: Writing Services

• Develop press releases, media advisories, social media content, news/feature articles,

opinions, speeches, messaging, newsletter content and other written communications for

external and/or internal audiences at the direction of the District and colleges.

• Provide bilingual and culturally competent written content for non-English speaking

audiences as specified by the District and colleges.

Category: Enhance Reputation as Thought/Industry Leader

• Identify and develop key messaging for the District and colleges to build a reputation as

a thought and/or industry leader.

• Identify key publications, events, conferences, organizations, and groups that leadership

should be involved in and facilitate connections, invitations, or membership.

• Recommend and, with the District and college’s approval, secure speaking engagements

for leadership.

• Recommend topics and publications for articles, columns, social media messaging, and

op-eds that help establish leaders as thought/industry leaders.

• Develop and pitch articles, op-eds, columns, etc. with the District and college’s input and


• Develop and implement sponsorship plans that offer leadership opportunities for

speaking and/or engagement and/or enhance awareness.

• Monitor trends and make recommendations for topics to focus on in the future.

Category: Social Media

• Assess and benchmark the District and college’s current social media efforts and make

detailed recommendations to achieve detailed goals, enhance its online presence, and

support its public relations/communications efforts.

• Develop and/or implement comprehensive strategic plans to increase social media


• Manage the District and college’s social media channels if requested, including

monitoring and assessing traffic and developing/executing messaging to proactively

support communications, issues management, and/or crisis communications plans.

• Develop, launch, and optimize paid search campaigns on Google, Bing, or other search

engines that support key social media/communications goals.

• Develop messaging and/or graphics appropriate for use on each of the District and

college’s social media sites.

• Create and track metrics for engagement and traffic, including developing and deploying

reporting tools such as with Google Ads and Analytics platforms to show the

effectiveness of organic search, organic social media, paid search, and paid social media


• Create social media brand guides/best practices that can be shared with

departments/programs. Provide input on best practices for managing social channels,

considering emerging trends and industry norms.

• Identify social media usage for students and develop relevant messages relating to

enrolling at one of the nine colleges.

• Develop and execute a plan to deliver these messages to increase enrollment.

Category: Strategic Planning and Assessments for Media Relations

• Provide assessments, benchmarking, goalsetting, recommendations, and reports as part

of strategic media relations plans.

• Evaluate and make recommendations concerning existing and desired media relations

performance, policies and practices.

• Compile, write, edit, and format a draft strategic media relations plan that can be

presented to leadership and stakeholders for approval, and provide digital (editable and

pdf) versions of final plan or report for printing/distribution by request.

• Conduct assessments and make recommendations that are detailed and comprehensive,

with cited benchmarking and research; actionable recommendations; and evaluation

criteria provided.

Media Strategy and Planning

Develop and implement proactive media plans, strategies, and messaging.

• Research past media coverage to assess the District and college’s reputation.

• Meet with key leaders and stakeholders to gain an understanding of the institutional vision.

• Identify key targets, including state, national, and international news, entertainment,

culture, and industry media (print and online).

• Organize in-person meetings with top media in key national media markets when

appropriate and possible.

• Provide advice on press previews (attendees, scheduling/timing, content, etc.) for key

events and programs.

• Develop culturally competent variations in messaging and written content, including

bilingual messaging, for media/audiences communicating in a language other than

English, primarily Spanish and other languages as requested.

• Create relevant materials, including news hooks, talking points, press releases, social

media messaging, and other documents needed (digital format appropriate for future

revisions and print/email/social media distribution).

• Monitor and assess press coverage and social media posts and develop any responses

needed to proactively address potential issues.

• Cultivate story ideas with unique angles and craft pitches that will promote the

institution’s array of academic programs, support services, and facilities.

Press Placements

• Place stories with national and international publications, popular culture press, and

mainstream media as directed that is driven by a cohesive and data-driven strategy

centered around the District and college’s vision.

• Field inquiries from the press and help schedule calls/interviews as directed.

• Advise on creating and/or selecting press imagery, including embargoes and photo


• Provide B-roll imagery as appropriate and as requested.

• Secure story corrections as needed

• Work with each college to identify the strongest elements/areas to publicize – these will

vary with each campus.

• Work with each college to identify spokespeople for a variety of subjects so District and

colleges have a list of contacts if reporters need quotes or are planning stories.

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