Punch PR: A Fortune-Changing Agency

Punch PR: A Fortune-Changing Agency

Punch PR describe themselves as an agency based on the idea of evolution. To them, change is inevitable, especially when working in the public relations sphere. But rather than shy away from it, they embrace it. They focus on hard-hitting, digital-first strategy and execution for all of their clients.

Why Punch Works Smarter

Punch PR takes pride in being built to work smarter than competitors. Their approach to public relations is equal parts passionate and pragmatic, allowing them to solve communications problems as efficiently as possible. They work well with clients who are determined to make a difference in the ever-changing world of marketing and PR.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Punch PR is a small agency made up of doers and thinkers. Their team of four experts brings decades of experience and top-tier media results to the agency with backgrounds in editorial and business roles. Lauren Grimm founded Punch PR in 2009 on the principle that agent/client relationships should be more hands-on and personal than what she had previously seen in the industry.

A Small Team with Wide Capabilities

Though Punch PR is on the smaller side in number of employees, their services offer a comprehensive way for their clients to improve their brands by identifying the right opportunities and overcoming any challenges they face.

Public Relations

At the core of Punch PR’s services is their dedication to helping clients tell their stories. Punch PR offers media relations, media training, speaker booking, and crisis communications to prepare their clients for successful campaigns.

Strategy and Consulting

Public relations isn’t easy, and the agents at Punch PR understand that their clients come to them looking for results. Their social media strategy, campaign development, communications planning, and communications audits offer actionable steps for clients to take in order to improve.

Influencer Marketing and Creator Management

One of the newer additions to Punch PR’s services is their work with influencer marketing. They develop influencer programs, partnerships, and sponsored content to leverage their clients’ brands to their target audiences.

Work and Case Studies

Punch PR believes that experience is essential to achieving results, so they let the success of their past partnerships speak for themselves. They work with businesses across a variety of industries under the belief that media relations success is the most important measure of their clients’ public relations programs.

One of their most notable partnerships is with Fromm Family Foods, a Wisconsin-based and family-owned pet food manufacturer. Five years ago, Punch PR started the Fromm Petfest, a free community event that connects the Fromm brand with animal lovers, retailers, and pet owners. Since its conception, Fromm Petfest has experienced exponential growth and revenue numbers exceeding 75% every year.

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