Q & A With Kate Marlys of Philly PR Girl

Today, we interview Kate Marlys, owner of Philly PR Girl.

What is Philly PR Girl known for?  

I think we are known for a couple things. First, as a woman owned business, working with other women owned businesses is something we love to do.  I also come from a non-profit background so helping promote and market non-profit organizations is something we are definitely known for, including planning major non-profit and charitable events. Lastly, events in general is something we are really good at – planning, promoting, and executing.

What kinds of clients does Philly PR Girl work with?  

We work with non-profit organizations, health/wellness and beauty businesses, and hospitality and entertainment brands. From events like the PA Conference for women, the largest women’s conference in the state to Dîner en Blanc Philadelphia, a truly magical international event that happens in Philadelphia – we really have a diverse roster of clients. 

How has Philly PR Girl adapted to the pandemic?

Great question. Since close to 90 percent of our business revolved around events, we had to take a step back and really look at how we could survive without events. By doing that it made me think about what we could do to help other businesses survive. PR is what we are really good at.  We have the connections in Philadelphia to launch a new business and create a huge buzz.  We’ve also expanded our services now to include web design and SEO.  

As far as our company goes, we are still all working from home.  We have morning team video calls and still work very closely together. 

What has been the most memorable event you’ve been a part of over the past year?

Wow, I miss events SO MUCH!  I really enjoyed planning and producing the Milano Di Rouge Holiday Fashion Show.  Throughout the years I’ve planned a lot of events, but planning a huge show like this that made national news was such a thrilling experience for me and my team.  We can’t wait to collaborate with more brands in the future. 

Where do you hope to see you and the team at Philly PR Girl in the next 5 years?

Oh we’re growing for sure.  During these tough times we are giving COVID discounts to potential clients.   We want to help them survive this pandemic because as a small business owner myself, I know how tough it can be.  

I want to continue to use my connections for good.  I want to help more nonprofits and charitable organizations raise money and promote their cause.  Promoting organizations that are doing good is what I’m really passionate about.   I love PR and the power it has to help others.

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