Rainier Communications Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

Rainier Communications Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago Rainier Communications was founded. The central Massachusetts technology PR agency was founded with the specific intent of helping technology companies thrive and tell their stories in what would rapidly become an increasingly crowded landscape.  Today, the Westborough, Mass.-based technology public relations agency is celebrating a quarter century in business. Its clients are based in Europe, the Middle East and North America, and run the technology gamut from software and hardware to operations and services, and from household names to ambitious start-ups.

CEO of Rainier:

Steve Schuster conceived the agency after studying and working in electrical engineering for multiple technology companies throughout the famed “Boston Technology Corridor,” more colloquially known as the “128 Belt.”  Early in his career, he was employed by iconic industry brands including speech recognition pioneer Ray Kurzweil and pro-audio equipment manufacturer Lexicon. An interest in marketing the innovative products he was helping those companies design led Steve to earn an MBA, and then land work in a variety of technology marketing roles, where he quickly learned that many PR agencies lacked the technology background that could better serve their clients. By 1993, he was ready to share his knowledge with a broader set of technology companies, and established Rainier Communications, named for the iconic mountain the Washington native fondly remembered climbing with his father.

In the ensuing years, Rainier weathered the ups and downs of the tech industry, recessions and market ebbs and flows in the US and abroad. The company opened offices in California and London and added a full-service advertising agency, while never forgetting its roots. Today, the firm’s focus is solely on building compelling full-scale public relations programs for clients out of the agency’s Central Massachusetts headquarters, a focus that has paid off both in client success and that has earned the agency a variety of regional, national and international PR awards.

Since its inception, Rainier has helped hundreds of companies establish and grow their market presence, achieve revenue growth, and in nearly 50 cases, achieve successful corporate buy-outs totaling billions of dollars. In the process, the agency has also created a unique suburban opportunity – tired of arduous commutes into Boston, seasoned PR professionals in Central Massachusetts found a welcome home at Rainier, where work-life balance was a core principal long before the notion became fashionable.

“Through our amazing clients, we’ve essentially had front-row, center-court season tickets to the high-tech revolution,” said Steve Schuster, who in addition to captaining Rainier, is a published recording artist and photographer, plus a board member of several of non-profit organizations. “I’m in awe of the technology trails my wonderful team and I have been lucky to help our clients blaze over the last 25 years, and I’m eagerly anticipating what new innovations will inevitably emerge in the years to come.”

About Rainier Communications:

Founded in 1993 by an engineer-turned-marketer and staffed by expert senior-level technology public relations professionals, Rainier truly understands technology and its strategic business implications. The agency’s passion and practice are completely focused on providing exceptional technologies with a credible voice in the marketplace. Rainier’s clients include hundreds of technology companies worldwide, from start-ups to midsize corporations and Fortune 500 companies. Rainier is based in Westborough, Mass. Follow Rainier on Twitter.

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