Real Estate Council of British Columbia issues Website RFP

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals from qualified proponents for the design and development of an updated website at to align with RECBC’s strategic goals. This RFP outlines the basic requirements for the project; however, proponents are encouraged to provide alternatives and suggest options to satisfy RECBC’s needs.

RECBC’s current website, developed in 2012, is built on a WordPress platform using a customized WordPress theme. It incorporates a secure portal where licensed real estate professionals can apply for licence renewals, and a searchable database of licensed real estate professionals and brokerages, linking to RECBC’s licensing database. It also includes a microsite featuring resources for real estate professionals related to recent regulatory changes. The site is self-hosted and the content is maintained by RECBC staff. The redesign of the website is fundamental to RECBC’s communications strategy. We are committed to improving access to online information resources and services for the public and real estate professionals, as well as to enhancing user experiences and engagement. Our goal is a fully responsive, engaging website that will increase awareness of the regulation of real estate in BC and facilitate communications with key audiences, including real estate consumers and real estate professionals. The project will include the updating and migration of all content. Brand standards and logo will be provided.

RECBC is implementing a number of significant changes in the information resources and services it provides to consumers and real estate professionals, and in its methods of engaging with its audiences. Proponents may wish to review RECBC’s Strategic Plan and 2018 Service Plan for further information. The redevelopment of RECBC’s website is a key element in the successful accomplishment of a number of RECBC’s strategic objectives over the next three years.


The Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC) is a regulatory agency established by the provincial government in 1958. Its mandate is to protect the public interest by enforcing the licensing and real estate professional conduct requirements of the Real Estate Services Act. RECBC is responsible for licensing individuals and brokerages engaged in real estate sales, rental and strata property management. RECBC also enforces entry qualifications, investigates complaints against licensees and imposes disciplinary sanctions under the Act.

Scope of Work:

This project is an exciting opportunity for a team of creative collaborators to redevelop the RECBC website and support RECBC to achieve strategic priorities: increasing the efficiency of its compliance and licensing processes, raising awareness of the role and mandate of the regulator, strengthening relationships with key stakeholders, increasing the availability of resources to support consumers to make informed real estate decisions, and delivering an improved user experience. The website must be ready to launch by September 2019.

RECBC’s website must provide easy, intuitive access to information to three key audiences:

                • real estate consumers, including rental tenants, strata corporations and the public at large

                • real estate professionals, and

                • individuals interested in becoming licensed to provide real estate services.

Upon completion of the development of the site, RECBC will assume responsibility for content maintenance and day-to-day administration. The proponent will provide training to RECBC staff so that website content can be self-managed effectively. All content, coding and graphics will become the sole property of RECBC.

Project Objectives:

 RECBC requires a flexible and informative website that is easy to maintain. The site must  function as a communications hub with all stakeholders. It must be professional and welcoming          and deliver information to key audiences. RECBC will maintain editorial control of content and manage web publishing processes. Brand standards, logo and colours will be provided.

To be effective, the site should be:

                                • Easy and intuitive to navigate

                                • Visually appealing

                                • Informative

                                • Fast loading

                                • Responsive

User Experience

The site will include flexible architecture that promotes ease of use, through intuitive navigation and streamlined menu systems. Significant reorganization of the current website’s information architecture will be required in order to meet the diverse information needs of RECBC’s key audiences: real estate consumers, real estate licensees, and prospective licensees.

A responsive design optimized for mobile (phone and tablet) use is required.


The site must be accessible and usable with current versions of commonly used browsers including but not limited to, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox, across most widely used operating environments.

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The site’s public content must be optimized for search engines. SEO should include and be applied to the following: meta tags, site structure, semantic tags, XML sitemap, site verification, friendly and readable URL structure, page titles, alt and title attributes.


The site must be in compliance with WCAG 2.1 (AA).


The site must include the following:

                                • Easy to use content management system

                                • Social media integration

                                • Video embedding

                                • Interactivity – which may include online form submission, chat functions

                                • Global site search capability

Site Performance

The site must be optimized for performance with minimal page load times. The site must reach a Google PageSpeed result of 80 or higher for both mobile and desktop test. The site’s performance tuning must be applied both server-side and client-side.


 The site must be integrated with third-party analytics (Google Analytics).

Due Date:

February 4th


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