Recovery Education And Applied Learning (REAL) Launches Online Education Platform For Parents Of Children Struggling With Substance Use Disorders

Recovery Education And Applied Learning (REAL) is a new online education platform for parents of young adults struggling with substance use disorders. REAL helps parents learn how to identify, treat and manage their children’s substance abuse problems through evidence-based training, interactive modules, and customized content.

Launching the new online education platform will allow parents to learn from others who have been through similar experiences. REAL aims to help parents understand how to support their children in their recovery process and build on their strengths.

Through REAL, you can access a variety of free resources, including:

  • Original content, including videos, interviews, and workbooks
  • Live daily workshops with top physicians
  • A therapist-moderated community
  • Fully vetted library of content and the latest news in addiction and recovery

Parents can learn about the warning signs and symptoms of substance addiction, understand how they can support their children during the recovery process, determine the right treatment options, and more. REAL will help guide parents through each step of this complex, emotional process with empathy and extensive knowledge of addiction and recovery.

“Parents often don’t know how to support their children as they transition from substance use to recovery,” said Todd Lampert, Chief Executive Officer of REAL. “This is why we are so excited about this new platform. It will allow parents to connect and learn from others who have been through similar experiences in a safe space.”

Who is Behind (REAL)?

“We had a team of top industry experts in collaboration with parents, adolescents and young adults develop the REAL platform to help families make sense of the overwhelming decisions they face when it comes to the issues surrounding their child’s substance use and potential addiction.

The team behind the platform consists of top industry experts who collaborated with parents, adolescents, and young adults to build REAL. With so much conflicting, unvetted information online about substance use disorder and recovery, REAL hopes to provide families with verified, trusted resources that help families make sense of the overwhelming decisions they face regarding the addiction and recovery process.

How REAL Will Assist Affected Families

No affected family should have to undergo this path alone. Prevention and diagnosis, treatment options and payment, sober living, managing relapses, and celebrating recovery milestones are just some topics members of will learn about from top experts.

Members of REAL will have all the knowledge and resources necessary to assess their child’s situation and determine what actions they must take to improve their child’s chances of long-term recovery.

The program includes the following:

  • 18 courses with 42 lessons designed by industry experts as well as actual families who have faced substance use disorder
  • Expert vetted content, including videos and workbooks
  • A therapist-moderated, 24/7 online community of other parents to share experiences and connect with professionals.
  • Virtual events and 15 to 20 hours of live weekly workshops with experts. 

Membership And Access

Memberships at the REAL start at $49.95/month, or there is a one-time introductory offer of $99.95 for the first three months. REAL’s team, forums and resources are available to assist when you need them, at any time.

You can access REAL’s courses, community forums, and more services and resources at

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