Request for Proposal: Tourism Sub Branding and MarketingRequest for Proposal: Collateral Design

RFP Submission Deadline: 4:00 PM local prevailing time on Friday, September 1,



I. About Franklin County Tourism

Franklin County Tourism is the go-to resource for the promotion of Franklin County as a travel destination, but also serves the greater community. As a connector between accommodations, food and beverage providers, attractions and visitors, the organization is positioned as a connector of resources. With a central location in the Mid-Atlantic region, the county is primed for tourism development and attraction. Smith Mountain Lake, Philpott Lake, The Crooked Road, Moonshine Heritage, and other historical attractions are prime components of this success.

The mission of the Franklin County Tourism Office is to improve the quality of life for residents, improve the visitor experience, and diversify the Franklin County economy by introducing, through travel, the aspects that make the county a great place to live, work and play.

Positioning Statement

Franklin County Tourism is the driving force for increased visitation, second home purchases, and promotion of quality-of-life enhancements in Franklin County, Virginia. With natural beauty, deep rooted history, and unique cultural opportunities, Franklin County is a natural setting for opportunity, travel, and relocation.

Target Audiences

• Past Visitors

• Current Visitors

• Future Visitors

II. Request for Proposal

Franklin County Tourism is seeking a design partner to create a tourism focused sub brand and marketing collateral for Franklin County, Virginia that strengthens existing County branding and evokes a positive and emotional response to Franklin County as a travel destination.

III. Project Objective and Scope of Work

The objective of this project is to provide three specific solutions: (1) develop and design a tourism focused logo/brand and brand guide that strengthens existing county branding, (2) develop and design marketing collateral with the newly created sub brand, (3) design editable social media templates that incorporate new sub branding.

• Sub Brand Development and Design

o Design firm will consult with Franklin County Staff to develop tourism focused sub brand for Franklin County, Virginia.

o Design firm will aid in creating a brand narrative and other related taglines.

o Design firm will design new sub brand logo in a variety of orientations and size options.

o Design firm will create a brand guide to be used in future tourism design efforts.

• Marketing Collateral Development and Design

o Design firm will consult with Franklin County Staff to develop and design marketing collateral including, but not limited to, editable rack card templates, one sheet informational templates, social media ad graphic templates, a tourism focused map, and other relevant marketing collateral.

• Social Media Template Development and Design

o Design firm will consult with Franklin County Staff to develop editable social media templates for Facebook Posts, Facebook Stories, Instagram Posts, and Instagram Stories.

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