REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS Credit for Prior Learning Marketing

Closing Date (Proposals Due) Mar. 24, 2023 (3:00 pm, PT)


EOU is soliciting proposals to select a vendor who is able to perform marketing and advertising work for the Credit for Prior Learning Initiative. The scope of work is as follows:

General Items:

• The service provider shall complete all work and not use subcontractors for marketing work.

• Service provider shall begin work within 30 days of accepted proposal. Digital marketing

• Provide digital marketing and advertising including digital ads to promote EOU’s Credit for Prior Learning programs in three key geographic areas: Eastern Oregon, Southeastern Washington and Southern Idaho.

• Provide marketing creative including taglines and messaging for the following markets

• Current students

• Prospective students

• Regional adult and nontraditional students

• Potential transfer students at community colleges

• Military personnel

• Regional businesses

• Regional communities

• Provide advertising campaign setup, management, and reporting services to enhance the effectiveness of marketing efforts for the university.

• Provide social media advertising on the following platforms: Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

• Provide targeted advertising and remarketing using programmatic platforms like, El Toro, etc.

• Develop new and adapt current campaign structures to optimize campaigns to generate the highest return on investment (ROI), including structuring campaigns based on keyword, competitive bid research, PPC analysis, etc

• Conduct ad campaign monitoring and optimization, including management of media spend, writing and optimizing marketing text copy, budget allocations, and tracking of campaigns and platforms.

• Deliver a monthly campaign performance dashboard along with a monthly team call providing metrics (impressions, click-through-rate, search impression share, inquiries, and if available conversions including: request for information form starts, visit form completions, applications started, and applications completed from digital campaigns, CPA analysis for all campaigns benchmarked against industry averages, and ongoing optimization and strategy recommendations.

• Provide public relations assistance for the initiative

• Provide other marketing assistance as needed.

  • Provide a cost proposal for marketing the Credit for Prior Learning initiative

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