Request for Proposals Digital Marketing Agency For Sonoma County Tourism


Sonoma County Tourism (SCT) is seeking an innovative, forward-thinking, client-centric agency

to provide digital marketing and development services as outlined in the Scope of Services

(section 4). Not just any agency, SCT is seeking a super smart, scrappy, “what if” kind of agency

with team members who lay awake at night wondering how to make digital destination

marketing a better user experience, more connective and fun.

This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is an invitation to prospective digital marketing agencies to

submit a proposal for the provision of services as set forth in this RFP.

SCT’s target is to begin the agreement on or about July 15, 2024 with an initial term of two

years, concluding June 30, 2026. An opportunity for a continued partnership will be

determined at the time of contract renewal.


2.1 – Sonoma County Tourism (SCT), the official destination stewardship organization (DSO) for Sonoma County, CA, is a 501c6, not-for-profit organization. As a DSO, Sonoma County Tourism operates with a goal of ensuring all programming is in the best interest of Sonoma County. Focusing on the key principles of sustainability, people, planet and profit, Sonoma County Tourism creates programs that both drive the economy and protect and preserve the region’s natural and cultural resources.


3.1- The Vice President, Marketing and Communications is the point of contact for this RFP (the

“RFP Administrator”). Please direct all communications to the RFP Administrator as follows:

Frank Filice Vice President, 

Marketing and Communications

400 Aviation Blvd. Suite 500

Santa Rosa, CA 95403


3.2 – Potential respondents may submit written questions concerning this RFP to the RFP

Administrator up until 5:00 p.m. (PT) on June 26, 2024. Questions received after the deadline

will not be reviewed or answered. All questions must be submitted by email to the RFP

Administrator at the email address specified above.


4.1 – Media Management & Buying

Covers ongoing services related to media buying and management for Search Engine

Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) including AdWords and Meta Business.

Initiative includes:

• Media vendor management and communication

• Placing of all insertion orders

• Ongoing optimization of media

• Reporting monthly on SEM & SMM program, including MoM & YoY analysis

• Billing

• Media management fees are based on spend per month and invoiced on media

actuals monthly.

4.2 – Website Program

• Website Monthly Maintenance, Website Development & Feature Updates

• Website Maintenance includes Contractor’s Response team to handle monthly tasks

based on needs and requests of SCT. Maintenance hours can also be utilized for agency

status, project management and account director time and additional service support

i.e., annual planning, content strategy, production, as requested. Contractor will track

hours monthly and share log with all tasks completed.

• Includes any enhancements to the website determined by SCT. Contractor to estimate

work and share with SCT prior to starting tasks outlined in a development plan.

4.3 – Consent Management Support

• Contractor to install, configure, and manage Osano Consent Management platform.

• These services include but not limited to:

• Installation on website

• Performing cookie audit on website

• Classifying cookies and scripts by use case

• Activating Google’s Consent Mode in Google Tag Manager (GTM)

• Where scripts are implemented via GTM Contractor will redeploy tags using

consent mode to only fire based on user preferences.

• Coordinate with development team on scripts outside of GTM

• Oversee ongoing consent management and consent mode requirements while

coordinating with client on any DSAR requests.

4.4 – Accessibility License and Optimization

• Monthly review of issues along with location on the website; both content and


• Contractor to prioritize issues that impact the site globally. Cost includes license hard

costs + hours to support fixing of issues.

• Website Hosting

• Hard costs for Hosting and Content Delivery Network; includes hosting, security,

backup, and a content delivery network (CDN), which will allow rich media and large

photography to be cached on servers to serve the site more rapidly world-wide. Any

hosting management work on website (server maintenance, upgrades, or

checks),Contractor will track hours for website maintenance.

4.5 – SEO


• Costs incurred by annual BrightEdge license for purposes of SEO Analysis.

Content Program

SEO Quarterly Report/Analysis

• Work with an SEO platform to allow Contractor to load and track up to 300 keywords.

The platform allows us to research keywords, SEO trends and provide targeted

recommendations for optimizing on-site content. Contractor will report on SCT’s tracked

keyword performance and provide recommendations for technical and content

development enhancements to grow organic traffic. As hours allow, Contractor to

support SCT with optimizations.

4.6 – Email Program

• SCT to submit materials to Contractor to build and deploy the following:

• 12x Monthly Leisure email communications

• 3x Monthly Sales newsletters (Sales, Travel Trade & Meetings)

• 4x Postcard/Niche email communications which can include Inspiration Guide promotion

4.7 – Personalized Content Platform & Support

• Costs associated with license for third party platform “Bound”, a behavioral marketing

tool that delivers targeted content based on geographical location and user behavior.

The platform is designed to foster better site engagement, including longer time on site,

reduced bounce rates and increased conversions. Reporting analysis and content

optimization will be tracked to content support.

4.8 – Remarketing Campaign

• Contractor to use first party data, Visit Widget, to maintain data segments, data

aggregation and management, reporting and deployment of quarterly evergreen emails.

• Data Mapping to BigQuery (or similar database)

• Data Storage Fees

• Data Connection Support

• Data Digestion

• CCPA/GDPR/etc. updates to site and work with VW to ensure data

privacy compliance

• Email deployments (quarterly)

• Reporting

4.9 – Monetization Program

• Contractor to implement and manage website, inspiration guide, and printed map/guide

advertising sales program

• Contractor to handle all advertising sales, service, creative, contracting, billing and

collections in-house or, if necessary, use of a subcontractor. If a subcontractor is needed

to provide these services, please include details on the subcontractor with creative

examples of work.

• Contractor to handle Sales/Media Kit/Rate Card Development

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