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Gadsen County Board of County Commissioners

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9-B E. Jefferson Street

Quincy, FL 32351


Vivian R. Howard, Purchasing and Contracts Coordinator

Gadsden County Office of Management and Budget

9-B East Jefferson Street, Room 204

Quincy, FL 32351

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3.1 General

The Gadsden County Tourist Development Council is appointed by the county

board of county commissioners and shall consist of nine members as follows:

The chairperson of the board of county commissioners (BOCC) or any other

member of the BOCC as designated by the chairperson shall serve on the council.

Two members of the council shall be elected municipal officials, at least one of

whom shall be from the most populous municipality in the county.

Six members of the council shall be persons who are involved in the tourist industry

and who have demonstrated an interest in tourist development, of which

members, not less than three nor more than four shall be owners or operators of

motels, hotels, recreational vehicle parks, or other tourist accommodations in the

county and subject to the tax.

Visit Historic Gadsden County

Many parts of Gadsden County and North Florida look like the beautiful South

portrayed in the movies. The countryside homes still grace its rolling hills, the

pristine waters, and Spanish moss drapes ancient stands of live oak trees.

An enduring heritage

This is a magical place that feels both old and new – and it’s a pleasant

contradiction. Gadsden County communities here have worked hard to preserve

their heritage. Historic main street districts, with their charming architecture and

serene atmosphere, offer residents and visitors a taste of the hospitality and

tranquility that existed in “Old Florida.” And yet, communities and businesses

thrive amid this quiet county and offer all the amenities of a modern lifestyle,

including high-speed internet, quality healthcare facilities, and a variety of shopping

and dining options.

A beautiful environment

There is an abundance of adventure waiting here, too. For outdoor enthusiasts,

Gadsden County’s many lakes and rivers, state parks and forests, a haven of

tranquility, offer endless opportunities for birders, anglers, boaters and kayakers.

Gadsden is situated in the Florida panhandle, with Georgia to the north and

Tallahassee to the east. Lake Talquin forms its southern border with Lake Seminole,

which is accessible from the other side of the county. The Apalachicola River runs

along its eastern border. Florida’s Gulf Coast is reachable in around an hour’s drive.

Quincy is the county seat and its largest town. It sits in the middle of the county,

just off Interstate 10, which runs east to west across the county. Smaller cities are

scattered throughout the rest of the county.

Chattahoochee is the most geographically isolated in the northwest corner, while

Midway is a short drive from Tallahassee and stretches along Interstate 10. Gretna

is not far from Quincy, and Havana is in the northeast, also not far from Tallahassee.

The proximity to the interstate for most of the county and the dispersion of its

towns is such that none is more than a short drive in any direction, making the

county feel well-connected. Nonetheless, it remains very rural, with a unique charm

from its vast open spaces, picturesque farmlands, and friendly, close-knit

communities. The county has managed to maintain its rural character despite its

proximity to Tallahassee, with little spillover in suburban development from the

state capital, ensuring a balanced lifestyle with modern amenities.

3.2 Project Objectives

a. Create an annual and long-range marketing/action plan to reach targeted


b. Development of a recommended blend of printed and digital advertising, public

relations, and promotions.

c. Recommended creating advertising concepts, strategies and targeted markets.

d. Website maintenance and recommended improvements and contents

3.3 Scope of Work

A. Advertising/Marketing

1. Strategic research and plan development.

2.  Coordinated advertising campaigns (print, broadcast, digital, online, email, etc.). to include written plan, including objectives,

audience description, strategies, tactics, and budgets.

3. Creative strategy and design (collaterals, reports, advertising and visual display, broadcast, and social media materials).

4. Concept development, including quality graphic design.

5. Develop original copy (text), copywriting and editing. This may also include Spanish marketing collateral.

6. Media planning and buying; media negotiations, client

meetings, phone calls and correspondence related to specific

media plans/buys.

7. Design and produce print, broadcast, online and all collateral materials.

8. Develop media plans (both traditional and online)

9. Recommend and oversee web site and social media content

development to complement marketing initiatives and increase


10. Provide detailed public relations, publicity, and promotional plans to

stimulate tourism including cooperative advertising opportunities.

11. Outline tracking recommendations.

12. Present detailed estimates and budgets for all proposed projects

B. Public Relations

1. Build messaging that can be used in various channels including

earned media, social media and paid traditional media to geotarget key audiences through timely/relevant channels to increase awareness and drive traffic to TDC website and social media platforms.

2. Develop a concrete social media strategy using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

3. Develop and pitch storylines and press releases, fact sheets and industry highlights to the media, coordinate media interviews and press conference.

4. Support communication efforts (i.e., blog posts, monthly eNewsletter, etc.) as needed.

5. Develop original copy (text), copywriting and editing. This ma also include Spanish marketing collateral.

6. Develop and maintain targeted media lists) local, trade, national and international).

7. Travel to trade shows and meetings.

8. Host frequent and seasonal Familiarization (FAM) Tours.

9. Assist with the submission of grant funding request.

C. Website Development and Maintenance

1. Maintain the website for Gadsden County Tourism to include enhancements and modifications.

2. Confirm audiences, objectives, graphic look and feel, navigation, site marketing, technology issues and assumptions required functionality.

3. Reporting capabilities – site visitor interaction and engagement.

4. Support internal staff in the use of web-based content management system (CMS) to update content using tolls and templates.

5. Provide site log reports to help measure and understand visitor behavior to improve web site performance and availability; including, but not limited to:

  • Web traffic analysis
  • Path analysis
  • Visitor trends
  • Page views

D. Account Management and Reporting

1.Meet with TDC Staff as needed for the purposes of carrying out initiatives and attend all TDC meetings to present status reports.

2. Prepare cost schedules and project sheets for advertising expenditure and other related costs.

3. Provide monthly status reports or as otherwise requested.

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