Request for Proposals (RFP) Professional Marketing to Assist in Branding Discovery Process. Economic Development Manager Office of the County Administrator

Deadline for questions: Questions must be emailed to:

Final Addendum Issued June 20, 2024

Proposal Submission Deadline June 24, 2024

Contact: Dave Carlson,  or 715-538-1923

The Economic Development & Tourism Manager in the Trempealeau County Administrator’s

Office is seeking a professional marketing team to assist in the branding discovery process, data

collection and strategic planning process. The process will include a SWOT analysis, visioning

exercises, needs assessments, defining target markets and conducting economic impact studies as well as creating a county tourism website design mockup. Request for proposal packets will be

available starting June 03, 2024 on the Trempealeau County website at  Sealed proposals should be marked

“Sealed Proposal Professional Marketing” and must be received in the County Administrator’s

Office, Trempealeau County Courthouse, 18600 Hobson St, Whitehall, WI 54773 by 04:00 p.m.

on June 24, 2024. Trempealeau County encourages the participation of minority, women-owned

and disadvantaged business enterprises. Trempealeau County reserves the right to waive any

informalities or technicalities and to reject any and all proposals, or parts thereof deemed to be

unsatisfactory or not in the County’s best interest. Furthermore, Trempealeau County reserves the

right to cancel any order or contract for failure of the successful firm to comply with the terms,

conditions and specifications of the request and/or contract. Trempealeau County reserves the

right to award this request to the firm whose proposal is overall the most advantageous to the

County in the County’s sole determination.

I. Request for Proposal

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued to seek proposals for a professional marketing team to

assist in the branding discovery process, data collection, strategic planning process including a

SWOT analysis, visioning exercises, needs assessments, defining target markets and conducting

economic impact studies as well as creating a county tourism website design mockup. The

mockup will be used to create a website framework that will utilize new branding. Trempealeau

County has received a Joint Effort Marketing Grant of $16,964.46 from the Wisconsin

Department of Tourism to assist with this project.

The interested marketing agency will partner with the Trempealeau County Economic

Development & Tourism Manager on a Tourism Joint Effort Marketing (JEM) Destination Grant.

Trempealeau County is located in west-central Wisconsin. Covering 742 square miles,

Trempealeau County is home to 30,670 individuals, according to the 2020 United States Census

report. There are six incorporated cities and five incorporated villages in the county, with the

City of Arcadia having the largest population with 3,737 according to the 2020 US Census.

Abundant outdoor recreation opportunities, beautiful landscapes, welcoming communities and

friendly people are key to what makes Trempealeau County a special place. They are constant,

year after year. Located in west-central Wisconsin, squarely within the “driftless area”,

Trempealeau County is connected physically, as well as strategically, with the Eau Claire region

to the north, the La Crosse region to the south, and the Winona, Minnesota region to the west.

The internationally known Great River Road (Wisconsin Highway 35) also runs through the

southwest portion of the county. Trempealeau County has, in recent years, developed

partnerships with the Destination Marketing Organizations in those areas (Visit Eau Claire,

Explore La Crosse and Visit Winona) to enhance its visibility and attractiveness to visitors by

leveraging the larger marketing budgets and audience those groups have access to. The City of

Osseo (in northeast Trempealeau County) has entered into a partnership with Visit Eau Claire for

tourism marketing, and the Village of Trempealeau (in southwest part of the county) is

considering a similar arrangement with Visit La Crosse.

The Economic Development & Tourism Manager is located within the Department of

Administration, under the direction of the County Administrator. The Economic Development &

Tourism Manager was responsible for submitting the JEM Grant on behalf of Trempealeau

County, and will be responsible for grant management and reporting, facilitating stakeholder

conversations and coordinating meetings, and using baseline data to drive further investment in

promotion of regional tourism for years to come. The Economic Development & Tourism

Manager will manage the vendor contract arising from this RFP.

The Marketing Team will be responsible for evaluating the current “Traverse Trempealeau

County” brand and determining if it and other taglines can be used to better attract and engage

visitors interested in the county’s amenities. To successfully achieve this objective, the project

will be a phased project. The first step will be to cull baseline data using available research and

analytics, which may include website reporting, social media insights and review room tax

collections throughout the county’s partnering communities.

Scope of Services

The awarded vendor will lead all aspects of the Trempealeau County community marketing and

branding initiative, including the following:

1. Focus Group Lead – Lead for facilitating various focus groups comprised of

communities located in Trempealeau County, and other organization involved in this

project including:

a. Great River Road

b. Associated Conservation Clubs of Trempealeau County

c. Jackson, Buffalo and Pepin Counties

d. Area chambers and business groups

2. Research – Research will be the basis for the development of a brand concept, creative

elements, messaging/position, and the overall brand initiative. The awarded vendor will

create and implement a brand research plan, which include qualitative research with key

publics to identify the following:

a. Review and outline data collected previously by Trempealeau County.

b. Administer surveys.

3. Strategic Plan – The awarded vendor will develop strategic objectives that will help

better inform Trempealeau County on implementation, management, and ongoing

promotion of the brand to include, but not be limited to the following:

a. Conduct strategic planning sessions with Trempealeau County participating

communities and partners.

b. Uncover points of difference and points of parity for Trempealeau County.

c. Identify goals related to travel growth in the region.

d. Create a measurable benchmark to understand the intended audience.

4. Creative/Development of Brand – The awarded vendor will develop creative elements

that include messages, brand statements, taglines, and other products to support the

county’s overall brand. A minimum of three district creative options must be presented,

based on the results of the research,

a. Uncover partner preferences and discover inherent biases.

b. Conduct a brand perception study focusing on travelers in the key segment of

our top travel geo-markets.

5. Implementation Plan – The awarded vendor will develop an action plan for

implementation of the brand in sufficient detail. An Action Plan should include, but not

be limited to the following:

a. Facilitate branding sessions.

b. Create brand statement.

c. Outline content standards (voice, tone, copy samples, tagline)

d. Mockups of a tourism website design.

e. Determine color palette and fonts.

h. Consider usage across various marketing platforms.

6. Strategic Planning Efforts – Must include coordination with the County’s existing

strategic planning efforts. As required by Wisconsin Statutes, continuance of a contract

beyond the limits of funds available shall be contingent upon appropriation of the

necessary funds, and the termination of the contract by lack of appropriations shall be

without penalty.

II. Project Goals

Trempealeau County requests proposals from qualified firms to research, create, and develop an

implementation plan for a community branding initiative for Trempealeau County. Responses to

the Request for Proposal (RFP) will provide the county with the information required to assess,

evaluate, and select an awarded vendor based on prior experience, qualification, methodology

and approach, and work initiative, but that the brand will be used primarily as identity for

Trempealeau County.

Primary Goals/Objectives

The branding initiative should include, but are not limited to:

1. Uniformity – the messaging should convey a common theme to audiences both within and

outside Trempealeau County. This defined message should market Trempealeau County locally,

statewide, nationally, and internationally as a great place to live, work, shop, visit, and do


This messaging should:

A. Create a common vision for the future of the region and its potential.

B. Provide consistent, positive, representation of Trempealeau County

C. Shift negative perceptions and shed the unfavorable stereotypes.

D. Enhance a local, regional and/or global awareness and position.

2. Community Identity/Pride – Identify and promote what makes Trempealeau County distinct

and appealing in a regionally agricultural area with beautiful natural landmarks

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