Request for Proposals Visual Storyteller of Record (Photography and video) Tourism Saskatchewan Competition 2024


Deadline for submissions is 11:00 a.m., Saskatchewan time, Friday, May 17th, 2024.

Submissions must be made via email to

Please indicate the total value of the bid and attach the proposal electronically.

Tourism Saskatchewan is a Treasury Board Crown Corporation responsible for

developing and promoting tourism in Saskatchewan. Our mandate includes

marketing, visitor services, education and training, and product and industry


Tourism Saskatchewan requires the assistance of a qualified individual to act as an

online ambassador of the organization providing professional photography and

video content to promote the fishing and hunting industry to audiences world-wide.

The supplier’s assignment for this account will begin June 1 until November 30, 2024.

The estimated value of this project is $60,000. However, this is an estimate made in good

faith and the client is not liable to expend the estimated amount.

Background Information

As Tourism Saskatchewan continues to explore markets from outside of the country

and entice visitors with new tourism opportunities, fishing and hunting opportunities

continue to be one of the most important products to market. Hunters and anglers

view Saskatchewan as a top destination for these activities and when they come, they

stay longer than the average visitor and contribute to the tourism economy in a

significant way. Tourism Saskatchewan is committed to promoting and highlighting

experiences in the fishing and hunting industry within the province. With an online

community of over 50,000 social media followers, Tourism Saskatchewan is lo

oking for

new and exciting ways to engage their audience and grow their following.

The successful visual storyteller/influencer will work closely with Tourism

Saskatchewan’s marketing team to capture content that will address short and long term marketing goals, promote the fishing and hunting industry through authentic and

reputable storytelling, and illustrate the tourism brand through stunning visuals that

will augment the current content library and populate social media channels.

Preference will be given to the supplier who can best demonstrate their ability to provide

video content and photography. Supplier’s location in Saskatchewan is not the overall

determining factor in proposal selection but may be considered.

Scope of Services Required

Tourism Saskatchewan requires a visual storyteller/content creator who

possesses the following:

• Demonstrated hunting and fishing skills with the ability to capture content to

promote these experiences.

• Strong understanding of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram

and YouTube.

• Proven track record of creating original content optimized for social media.

• Strong understanding of the Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters

(SCPO) and the Saskatchewan outfitting industry

• A passion for and demonstration of ethical hunting and fishing practices.

• A willingness to travel throughout the province.

• Able to work independently and take direction.

• The ability to deliver on a shot list and follow story guidelines.

• The ability to work in challenging and changing environments, outdoors and indoors.

• The ability to manage all aspects of the technical stages of content capture, shooting and post-production.

• The ability to work within the available time and budget allocations.

Intended Usage

The style and format of the content must be flexible for many uses:

• Web and social channels

• Print and digital media campaigns

• Online Image Library, including internal use and third-party requests (

tourism partners, businesses and other government ministries and agencies)

Upon completion of the contract, content will be the property of Tourism Saskatchewan with unlimited rights to share with partners listed above and to use and reproduce the content for those uses listed above. The creator will be credited for all content, where appropriate.

The content creator will be responsible for the following:

• Planning and scheduling all locations and working closely with Tourism

Saskatchewan on the development of story ideas, shoot locations and final Content.

• Provide content for use by Tourism Saskatchewan in a timely manner.


The successful candidate will provide 1 long-form video every two weeks, 3 short-form videos, and 5-10 images per week for the duration of this contract. Story ideas and deliverables can be discussed with the Tourism Saskatchewan team throughout the duration of this contract.


A selection of video content will be assigned to the supplier dependent on the

assignment. Possible video content required could be:

• Images provided as high-resolution TIFFs, RAW files and smaller size JPEGS

• B-roll footage as requested

o Colour corrected and cut as requested on a case-by-case basis

Tourism Saskatchewan will have full rights and ownership for all images obtained during photography shoots. All content would be credited creatively to the successful supplier.

Completed Tourism Saskatchewan model releases for all recognizable people photographed must be provided upon completion of each project.

Proposal Content Requirements

1. Proposed approach for conducting project and working with the client.

2. Relevant qualifications and experience of bidding individual. Please include links to social media accounts and two samples of relevant projects you have completed in the past three years. Outline scope of services, timeline, budget and a reference for each sample.

3. Fully explain the equipment that will be used.

4. Overall budget, including:

• How $60,000 will be allocated to expenses/salary.

5. Demonstrate ability to coordinate shoots and work within budget and timelines.

6. Include any value add-ons that will enhance the quality of your proposal.

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