RESPONSE DEADLINE: December 12, 2023, 10:00 am

2.1. Summary

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit qualified firms to provide comprehensive

marketing, creative design, advertising, and public relations services for the Town of Vienna’s Restaurant


2.2. Background

Located in Northern Virginia and approximately 14 miles from Washington D.C., the Town of Vienna is

an incorporated town within Fairfax County—adjacent to Tysons Corner (Northeast), Oakton and Fairfax

City (Southwest), Merrifield/Mosaic District (Southeast) and Reston (Northwest). The Town is 4.4 square

miles and home to approximately 17,088 residents.

Vienna is primarily a residential community with at least 71 percent of the land developed for residential

purposes, excluding rights-of-way. The Town has approximately 3.5 million square feet of commercial

and industrial space—60 percent is used for professional office space, 30 percent of the space is used

for retail, and the remaining 10 percent is used for industrial purposes. Vienna is also home to a diverse

business base serving independent retailers and even the nation’s largest credit union, Navy Federal

Credit Union.

4. Scope of Work

4.1. General

The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit qualified firms to provide comprehensive

marketing, creative design, advertising, and public relations services for the Town of Vienna’s Restaurant

Week, hosted by the Economic Development Division. This contract encompasses marketing services for

two annual Vienna restaurant weeks. The selected firm is expected to present a strategic plan to

maximize the promotion of the Town of Vienna’s participating businesses and Vienna Restaurant Week

within an annual budget of up to $30,000.

Vienna Restaurant Week in 2024 is scheduled for March 3-10, 2024, while the dates for Vienna

Restaurant Week in 2025 are yet to be determined.

4.2. Objective and Target Audience

Vienna Restaurant Week aims to foster increased business engagement, drive economic development

through culinary tourism, and contribute to the flourishing business community’s growth and

development in the Town of Vienna.

Our target audience encompasses individuals residing within a 10–12-mile radius of the Town of Vienna,

as well as residents of neighboring Northern Virginia cities such as Dunn Loring, Idylwood, Merrifield,

Oakton, Tysons Corner, Arlington, Falls Church, Wolf Trap, and Washington D.C.

4.3. Project Scope

The project scope aims to replicate and exceed the outstanding results achieved in the 2023 Vienna

Restaurant Week. The selected firm is expected to create a marketing strategy that leverages the past

successes and even supersedes these results.

In 2023, Vienna Restaurant Week hit many milestones. Sample highlights include:

• 34 earned media-mentions with an estimated reach of 19 million people

• 31,410 unique visitors to the website

• 12,020 outbound clicks to a local Vienna restaurant’s website from

• 1,211,003 impressions from paid digital media

The scope of work for this contract includes:

• Collaborating with Town staff to devise a comprehensive Vienna Restaurant Week marketing

plan that can be executed across various media platforms, including radio, television, print ads,

and social media.

• The plan should articulate clear and measurable objectives, outlining how the campaign will

drive increased restaurant foot traffic, boost sales, and elevate the Town’s visibility.

Request For Proposal #RFP 24-10

Title: Restaurant Week Marketing


• It should specify the marketing strategies to be executed by the selected firm, as well as

delineate the role and responsibilities of Town staff, such as email campaigns and social media


• The plan should recommend suitable media vendors and partners to amplify the messaging.

• Allocation of the budget for each marketing effort, including labor costs, should be detailed.

• The plan should incorporate the option to collaborate with the firm to procure photographs for

promotional materials.

• It should also identify promotional products to be used as giveaways and leave-behinds.

• The selected firm will be responsible for measuring the campaign’s success across all marketing

strategies and providing a comprehensive performance report upon project completion.

• Regular meetings between the selected firm and Town staff are expected to plan and discuss

campaign efforts. The proposal should specify the number and types of meetings included in the

campaign building and execution.

Please note that the Town will retain ownership of all creative content produced or created as part of

this contract.


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