RFP For Traditional and Digital Media Buy Management and Consultation

Due Date & Time: May 1, 2024, before 2:00 p.m. CST

Web link: file:///C:/Users/cbettencourt/Downloads/RFP4472.pdf

Statement of Work:

Respond to each item requested and detail how it will meet the requirement.

6.1 Overview of the University’s Need:

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) requests proposals from responsible

vendors to meet its needs. A brief description is set forth below, with detailed

requirements in subsequent sections of this solicitation. If you are interested and able to

meet these requirements, the University appreciates and welcomes a response.

Provide comprehensive advertising services ranging from planning and proposals to

execution and evaluation. Negotiate pricing and maximize reach with available budget.

Assist with production and creative services. Develop advertising schedules and ensure

timely completion of all deliverables. Test, track and optimize ad campaigns providing

detailed reports. Must have proven experience and staffing to meet SIUE’s advertising needs.

6.2 Specifications and Requirements:

Increase awareness of SIUE and raise the profile of the institution through

comprehensive advertising planning and execution. Successfully manage strategic, high impact  advertising campaigns for the overall University brand as well as specific

programs and services. Analyze traditional and emerging media opportunities including

but not limited to paid search, social media, streaming and broadcast TV, streaming and

broadcast radio, out of home, print, and sponsorships to position SIUE as a top choice

for the target audiences.

Maximize SIUE’s reach with available budget, and provide quantifiable, strategic results.

Demonstrate a depth of knowledge about media rating systems and the ability to

compare media value across platforms. Negotiate competitive rates and bonus

coverage. Deliver high-quality, affordable leads.

Ensure timely completion of all phases of advertising including booking media and

trafficking ads. Develop calendars with clear timelines for creating and delivering ads.

Provide up-to-date specifications for recommended media. Provide creative and

production services as needed from concept to completion including copy writing and

design for static ads, video and motion graphics.

Continuously monitor advertising campaigns and track results. Incorporate ad insights,

A/B testing and other methods to maintain optimal performance. Serve as point of

contact for advertising representatives. Work with media contacts to promptly resolve

any concerns regarding SIUE ads.

Share detailed reports to validate advertising outcomes, track budget, measure ROI and

assess advertising tactics. Update and review reports on a regular basis. Provide market

recaps, executive summaries and ad samples as needed. Ensure accurate and timely

billing and reconcile discrepancies.

The advertising partner must demonstrate experience working with digital platforms,

major media outlets and entertainment leaders across multiple media markets to

leverage opportunities for awareness and positive brand association. Must have staff

with a high level of expertise in multiple service lines and dedicated time to serve the

SIUE account providing excellent customer service throughout planning, buying, creative

development, ad placement and billing cycles. Available to meet regularly with SIUE

marketing staff and the leadership team as needed. Demonstrate the ability to stay up

to date with industry best practices and current benchmarks. Include names of staff and

resumes for the team that will serve the SIUE account.

6.3 Milestones and Deliverables

For each campaign the vendor should provide:

• Advertising proposals and recommendations presented via email, video

conference or in person as requested.

• Media plans with clear breakdown of advertising placements, markets and costs

• Creative calendar with specifications and creative needs for the duration of the campaign

• Production schedules for video/photo shoots and other creative assets

• Timely process for drafting, proofing, adjusting and finalizing ads with an easyto-use proofing system to collect feedback and collaborate with creative team and approvers

• Ongoing tracking, optimization and reporting with relevant metrics for each ad placement

• Bi-weekly progress meetings

• Monthly invoices and budget updates

• Detailed reports, media recaps and executive summaries (monthly/annually)

• A digital library of final ads for quick reference

6.4 Vendor and Staffing Specifications

• Capable of analyzing opportunities and developing effective media plans for selected audiences/markets as the University seeks to grow enrollment

• Experience delivering strategic, measurable advertising results to increase awareness and generate high-quality, affordable leads

• Proven success negotiating competitive rates and providing added value for clients

• Experience working with major media outlets and entertainment leaders in Illinois and Missouri

• Proven ability to leverage relationships to create strategic partnerships and new advertising opportunities

• Experience working with higher education clients with comparable enrollment and programs, as well as other commercial and non-profit clients in multiple markets

• Staff with a high level of expertise in multiple service lines and dedicated time to serve the SIUE account providing excellent customer service throughout

planning, buying, creative development, ad placement and billing cycles

• Provide names of staff and resumes for the team that will serve the account

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