RFP Issued For Tourism Promotion, Marketing, and Event

Coordination Services for the City of Pullman

Introduction and Summary:

The City of Pullman, Washington, is soliciting requests for proposals (RFPs) from

qualified firms to create, implement, and perform documentation of tourism promotion,

marketing, and special event coordination services. The proposal should include

elements of the recently adopted Tourism Strategic Plan (approved by City Council July

19, 2022) and Revised Marketing Blueprint (approved by City Council January 25, 2022).

This is a two-year contract for services beginning in 2023 with two 2-year options to

renew. The estimated contract amount will include event management, website, and

social media content, print advertising, promotional campaigns, market research,

performance measures, administrative costs, and other expenses to assure successful

fulfillment of the contract.

DEADLINE: Proposals are due Monday, October 3, 2022, by 4:00 PM PDT.

Proposals should be prepared in accordance with this RFP and mailed or

delivered to:

Dee Stiles-Elliott, City Clerk

City of Pullman

190 SE Crestview Street

Pullman, WA 99163


Seven hard copies and one electronic copy of the submittals must be received by the

deadline indicated above. Postmarks will not be accepted.


Pullman is nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of the Palouse, located in Southeast

Washington. It is the home to Washington State University with a branch of Spokane Falls

Community College, award-winning public schools, and a broad selection of robust local

businesses. The City of Pullman offers a distinct environment with a reputation as a

livable, low-crime community and the amenities of a much larger city that contribute to its

continued attractiveness and rapid growth. It is projected to grow by 2,629 or 7.2% over

the next five years. (Source: Lightcast 2022.2)

The community consists of a diverse population of 34,850 within its 10.7 square miles of

land and was first incorporated in 1888 as an agricultural town. Currently, more than half

of Pullman’s jobs, estimated at 15,175, fall within government and higher education

sectors. The third largest sector is manufacturing, which includes Schweitzer Engineering

Laboratories’ nearly 2,500 local employees. Since its inception, the City and WSU have

provided an abundance of recreational, cultural, and community events, which include

PAC-12 sports, arts, and entertainment.

The city provides shopping, dining, and special events to attract tourists. The city has

been working with local and regional partners to communicate a consistent and positive

identity as a unique and high-quality community to draw visitors to the area and improve

the economy.

The City’s tourism, marketing and promotion efforts have survived a “reset” during the

recent pandemic. The City Council is now interested in leveraging the existing budget for

multiple activities by redeploying the City’s tourism promotion efforts to better utilize the

results of two recently adopted independent studies: a Tourism Strategic Plan (approved

by the City Council on July 19, 2022) and a Revised Marketing Blueprint (approved by

City Council January 25, 2022).

Statement of Need:

The City of Pullman needs tourism promotion and event services. The City of Pullman

wishes to contract with an experienced and qualified consultant to create and implement

multi-media tourism marketing services that will increase tourism business and the

number of tourists to the City of Pullman. Contractors will be required to manage special

events and assist city staff and festival and event organizers with marketing and

promotion efforts of those events. Proposed marketing campaigns should integrate with

existing marketing campaigns unless otherwise noted in the proposal.


Each scoring area will be evaluated on proposer qualifications, experience, and

demonstrated ability, as well as the proposed approach to implementing the scope of

work. Proposals will be evaluated by the Lodging Tax Advisory Commission, who will

make a recommendation to the City Council for the final decision. Respondents may be

asked to be interviewed. Scope of work includes:

1. Website: (20 points) – Manage tourism website to promote Pullman businesses

and events locally, regionally, etc.; create and promote advertising space on

the website as a part of the sponsorship package; develop content for the

website; update and enhance the website regularly with new event information;

link the website to the City of Pullman, associated Chambers of Commerce and

other regional travel promotion sites.

2. Social Media: (15 points) – Maintain Facebook presence and add additional

social media outlets to the tourism marketing effort (i.e., Twitter, Instagram,

etc.). Update and enhance social media platforms no less than weekly with new


3. Publications: (15 points) – Design, print, and distribute posters, rack cards, and

print advertising to attract residents and visitors to special events; provide

editorial content for the visitor guide, community update, and other publications.

4. Branding/Advertising: (15 points) – Utilize print, online, radio, etc. to target

travelers; place events on travel portals such as Washington State Tourism

Alliance; submit regular news releases to local media regarding events;

educate business owners on how to use the Pullman brand; create and

implement innovative promotional campaigns to drive residents and visitors to

visit local businesses; work with state, regional, local partners, and local

photographers to collect photo images, video, B-roll, etc., of the area.

5. Travel Trade (15 points) – Host tour operators, travel writers, and others to

familiarize themselves with Pullman.

6. Visitors Center (35 points) – Staff, manage and operate a visitor’s center within

an approved budget based on a mutually agreed program developed in

accordance with City adopted tourism and marketing plans; perform all tasks

associated with management of a visitor center and related visitor services.

7. Event Management (35 points) – Assist Pullman Chamber of Commerce, City

Staff, and Volunteers with the coordination of securing sponsors, develop

marketing materials, advertising, and promoting the existing events of the

National Lentil Festival and the 4th of July Celebration, and develop other

special events by working with private event managers to cross-promote the

City’s brand.

8. Securing Sponsors (40 points) – Create sponsorship packages to bring value

to businesses supporting special events; network with local businesses to

import the value of involvement in community events.

9. Market Research (50 points) – Measure strategic impact by calculating the

number of visitors to each special event; track advertising success rates via

click-throughs, website landing pages, hotel stays, etc.; submit monthly reports

to the Mayor, City Council, City Administrator, and Economic Development

Manager. Present a yearly report in person to the Pullman City Council in the

first quarter of each contract year for the prior year.

10.Budget (60 points) – Create advertising and marketing budgets for city events

and promotion activities; secure, manage and track sponsorships and paid

advertising for city events; submit monthly expense reports. Segregate contract

funds provided by the City of Pullman and provide an annual report on the use

of those funds; provide quarterly report.


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