Richmond Behavioral Health Authority Issues RFP For Media Relations

Richmond Behavioral Health Authority Issues RFP For Media Relations

The purpose of this Request for Unsealed Proposals is to solicit proposals from qualified and skilled consultants to establish a single contract for a Media Services Consultant in accordance with the requirements stated herein. The services shall be provided to the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA/Authority) SUD Prevention Services, a public body within the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Richmond Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) was established in July 1996 by City of Richmond City Council resolution. Prior to that time, RBHA services were provided as a part of City government. RBHA is licensed by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services and is the statutorily established public entity responsible for providing mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse and prevention services to the citizens of the City of Richmond. Integrated services are available for adults, children, and families through a central intake unit at the RBHA main office. Services are provided directly by RBHA staff and through contracts with vendors in the community. Funding sources include consumer fees, Commonwealth of Virginia, local and state grants and the City of Richmond. RBHA employs more than 600 people throughout six facilities: Main Office in downtown Richmond, North Campus; Mecklenburg Street, the Marshall Center and two Regional Education Assessment Crises Services Habilitation (REACH) facilities.

Scope of Work:

RBHA requires the services of a qualified firm (Contractor) to serve as the integrated communication, public relations, marketing and advertising resource to assist RBHA Prevention Services Unit and regional Partners in planning, executing and measuring effective and efficient media campaigns that will reach the intended target audience. The Contractor ensures a complete, usable product fully functional and operational with the required content. The Contractor will coordinate work of multiple media partners in executing the substance abuse prevention media strategy and distributing our messages as broadly as possible across the metropolitan Richmond area.

Services include assisting with the organizing, developing, designing and launching of media campaigns in support of substance use prevention mission, goals and objectives.

  1. The Contractor shall furnish all labor, material and skills to complete the media and media relations services.
  2. The Contractor shall provide full-service marketing communications and assist with the development of marketing campaigns as defined by RBHA and Regional Partners.
  3. Campaign lengths may vary but may be up to 90 days and utilize a combination of media outlets as appropriate, such as television and radio commercials, billboards and social media.

Qualifications. Generally, the Contractor must have:

  1. A verifiable and established multimedia/marketing individual or organization with a minimum of five (5) years of business experience in providing media services.
  2. Experience and capability to produce HD broadcast quality audio and video that meets industry standards.
  3. Experience in multiple media ad placement with sample buying and placement data.
  4. Experience with FCC broadcasting standards.

Requirements. The Contractor shall:

  1. Assist with designing commercials that will be easily added to websites and social media pages by RBHA designated personnel.
  2. Ensure the delivery of formats that are compatible with all current internet browsing technology.
  3. Work with designated staff members and regional partners/community leaders to:
    • Determine the market.
    • Conduct and analyze the market portfolio identified to determine target demographics and potential end users.
    • Design, produce and place media campaign advertisements that will focus on achieving the objectives of the campaign.
  4. Identify the appropriate markets, stations (radio and television), cellular device(s), mobile devices (e.g. tablets) and social media outlets based upon the data provided from RBHA.
  5. Recommend marketing strategies and schedules for broadcasting on radio and television or other media as may be in the best suited to achieving the desired outcome and reach targeted audiences.
  6. Assist with producing television and radio commercials that meet FCC broadcast standards.
  7. Organize ad, video and audio message development and production as directed by RBHA. Content shall include script, royalty-free music, voiceover talent, graphics and other content to create a complete product.

Due Date:

December 19th


Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

Attn: Jason Lofgreen, Procurement Technician

107 South Fifth Street, Room 206

Richmond, VA 23219

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