Robert Gillings – The Award-Winning Producer, Actor and Architectural Designer

Robert Gillings is an award-winning writer, producer, actor, and architectural designer. He is also a philosopher and financial consultant who operates his own firm called Robert Gillings Consultants. Gillings is the president and CEO of Robert Gillings Production as well.
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Robert Gilling’s Portfolio

The Kings of Brooklyn (2004)

Robert Gillings acted in, and produced The Kings of Brooklyn. The film centers around the millennial tech boom in which many were caught up in the anxiety of the time. The Kings of Brooklyn follows three friends who were raised on the streets of Brooklyn and search for a better life in their adult years. Their definition of “better” surrounds the notion of becoming kings of Brooklyn. The film trails the rise and fall of these friends all while showing viewers the effects of dangerous ambition that leads to greed. The Kings of Brooklyn made quite the mark when it made its public debut in 2004. Some moviegoers still talk about the film.

Paddy Wacked (2006)

Paddy Wacked is Gillings’ film that captures the Irish immigration experience in America. Faced with famine and possible starvation, the main characters in this movie travel from Ireland to the United States in hopes of survival and possibly a better life. What they find are gang wars that threaten their security and present the threat of the Irish immigrants being forever destitute.

Unwilling to lie down and take whatever comes their way, some Irish migrants join the gang culture in America and form groups that pose serious threats to Italian mobs. Paddy Wacked presents the other side of the Irish immigration experience not focused on hard-working travelers looking for honest work. Robert Gillings‘ film deals with the criminal element that immigration brought during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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Fright Fest (2017)

One of Robert Gillings’ latest productions, Fright Fest centers around Halloween night. A small town becomes the main hub for heinous murders in this horror that brings life to the classic abandoned asylum.

The Hotel Manor Inn (1997)

The Hotel Manor Inn is one of Robert Gillings earlier works. The production focuses on a tabloid series intern named Sam Trammuell who investigates various correspondence from a person strung out on crack cocaine. The notes claim that there was a murder at a Massachusetts island inn. Trammuell, however, does not know if he can trust someone as unstable as a drug user. What if the murder is all in this person’s head? It’s not worth the resources to investigate of such is the case. What if, though, what the informant is saying is true? Choices and dilemmas drive this story forward.

The Hotel Manor Inn was distributed by Troma Pictures and made its public debut on Robert Redford’s Sundance Channel.

My Darling (2017-)

My Darling is currently listed as a project in development in partnership with Tadross Media Group. The production is close to Robert Gillings’ heart since it revolves around his divorce experience. Robert represented himself in court after being falsely accused of domestic violence by his then-wife. The allegation and subsequent arrest negatively impacted his case, and Robert was awarded supervised visitation rights with his children.

The courts initially ruled against Robert for a couple of reasons. According to Judge DiDomenico’s statement, “[Gillings’] wife alleges that husband has engaged in a pattern of delay and divert using multiple courts, countless tactical maneuvers to gain time to dissipate, dispose of or otherwise unlawfully transfer away assets.”

Robert questioned why the justice system found his wife credible at the time since portions of her testimony were considered questionable. Nevertheless, the devoted father underwent the lengthy and “heartbreaking” process that, in the end, required him to pay his wife a hefty amount of spousal support.


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Perhaps the best news to come out of the situation was the judge’s ruling that ultimately deemed him a more fit parent than his ex-wife. Robert was awarded full sole custody of his kids because his former spouse allowed the children to live in an environment where “various species of fungi [was] growing out of the carpet.” Hurricane Sandy flooded the family’s home, and Gillings’ ex-wife did not deem it necessary to replace the molded carpet. Such act opened the door for Robert to accuse his former spouse of being an unfit parent; an allegation of which the judge wholeheartedly agreed.

A court-appointed psychologist also helped support the celebrity father’s claim with analysis that deemed Robert’s ex-wife as “childlike…disorganized and chaotic.” Someone with these attributes did not have any business monitoring and being responsible for the welfare of children. Such is the reason why Rober Gillings was ultimately given full custody of his kids.

Still, even with the ending victory, the justice system’s treatment of Robert Gillings’ was nothing short of unfair. The courts were willing to give ear and use his ex-wife’s testimony even though officials knew that her responses were not coming from a sound mind. The justice system’s initial reaction to the case was one that condemned Robert before he had a chance to provide proof of his innocence. All of these affairs served as Robert Gillings’ his inspiration for writing the story of My Darling. The producer hopes that his story will bring awareness to flawed divorce proceedings that sometimes frame the wrong party as violent and unworthy of proper custodial rights.

Robert has also launched two Facebook pages in hopes of spreading awareness about divorce and parental rights in America. The “Divorced and now what” page encourages camaraderie between new divorcees or individuals in the process of finalizing marriage dissolution. Robert also has a Facebook page called “Robert Gillings children of divorcing parents advocate,” which focuses on families getting through the difficulty of separation.

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Robert Gillings Production and Consulting

Robert Gillings has been the president and CEO of Robert Gillings Consulting since 1990. He uses his firm to give financial advice to interested parties. Robert Gillings also has a production company named Robert Gillings Productions by which he produced The Kings of Brooklyn (2004)Fright Fest (2017), and My Darling (2017-). Fans can expect to see more of Gillings’ work, including portions of his philosophical brilliance, come through his company moving forward.

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Robert Gilling Design Experience

Robert Gillings was one of a few artists to enter his designs in the World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition. The purpose of the campaign was to honor the many victims of February 23, 1993, and September 11, 2001, terror attacks, which both took place on American soil.

A truck bomb detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center site in 1993. The blast significantly damaged the building and claimed the lives of many New York residents. Nearly ten years later, two airplanes intentionally ran into both of the towers and destroyed both World Trade Centers in New York on September 11, 2001. Thousands died that day and dozens more passed away as a result of cancer directly linked to the terror attack. The events of September 11, 2001, were deemed the most devastating in United States history.

The World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition sought to honor the victims of both horrific events along with their families. Designers were advised to create concepts consistent with the Memorial’s mission statement that also included survivors of terror attacks along with their loved ones. First responders and community leaders were the focus of many designs as the bravery of these individuals gave a sense of security in a time of utter chaos.

Rober Gillings captured the emotion of the time and put it in art form for the general public to see. His architecture design was placed on display in various art galleries in New York. Gillings artwork went through much observation before being featured on the nation’s stage. His design was selected because it best embodied the spirit of remembrance that the World Trade Center Site Memorial represents.

Robert Gillings’ Advice

As an active member of show business, Robert Gillings understands the importance of mentorship and community. Such is the reason why he launched his blog, which gives up-and-coming entertainers advice about working in show business.

One of Gillings’ articles addresses the notion of actors investing in classes for acting. Some deem classroom training that extends beyond university courses as nothing short of a waste of time. Robert Gillings, however, presents valid points that encourage every actor to consider acting workshops.

First, Gillings notes, comes the training needed that allows budding actors to accept and work with significant direction. Creativity is always invited in show business but not to the extent of the actor re-imagining what the screenwriter and director hope to see on the main screen. Acting classes can help beginning artists balance their level of individuality so that it shines through at the right times and works to their benefit during casting calls. “Acting school helps teach you the basics of staging, camera angles, and how to take direction so that you will robert gillingsunderstand how and what to do when you’re on a real set,” says Gillings.

Acting classes also give entertainers the opportunity to hone their skills. It is one thing to practice scripts in front of the mirror when home alone. The bar, however, is raised when there is someone with equal or greater skill available to respond to the energy given. “Acting school is a perfect place for you to practice and hone your abilities,” Robert says. “Acting schools are controlled environments where you’ll be able to play with different styles and characters so you can develop yourself as an actor.”

Proper honing and development inevitably leads to the right connections, which presents the possibility of new roles in the industry. As Gillings explains, “Even after you’ve developed your talents as an actor, acting school can still be beneficial as you’ll meet others involved in the industry,” Robert reveals.

Meeting others comes with its perks since many of Hollywood’s biggest breaks have come through network connections. “Instructors will often have connections and know about the latest auditions and talent searches being conducted,” Robert explains. Entertainers from all levels certainly serve to benefit.

Robert Gillings In the Future

Robert Gillings has already done so much on the frontline but, of course, he is steady searching for more opportunities to share his knowledge and experience. The sky is the limit for this author, philosopher, architectural designer, and producer.

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