Rosica PR Communications Profile

Rosica Communications Profile

Rosica Communications is an organization that protects and promotes clients using online and traditional marketing solutions and PR strategies. Ever since it’s founder launched the company in 1980, Rosica Communication has continued to invest in high-performance solutions that drive powerful social results. When Marilyn and John Rosica began the company during 1980, they were hoping to build a unique PR agency built on skills that they spent years developing in the music industry. Today, Rosica has made a mark in the industry by making the most of popular trends, launching compelling media events and becoming one of the most well-known marketing firms around.

Rosica Communications Leadership and Clients:

Rosica Communications thrives on a talented and experienced media relations team that excels in finding and implementing the best PR coverage around through powerful content for trade show marketing, sales support, reputation management, SEO, and external or internal communications. The organization can syndicate coverage to work with a specific team and make sure that everyone in the business shares a client’s message with the same voice.

Rosica is specialists in the area of healthcare for both B2B and B2C clients. They also cover consumer and pet products, technology, food and beverages, education, professional services and real estate clients. This organization uses the cross-utilization of multiple marketing strategies to help spread brand awareness and protect company reputations.

Rosica offers clients the opportunity to work seamlessly alongside a high-level PR team with decades of experience in the industry. These individuals have what it takes to activate and enhance unique campaigns that highlight all the positive sides of a company’s message. Some of Rosica Communications clientele includes T&M Associates, the Newark Public Library, Morph Wheels, NJ Sharing Network, and Aiya.

Rosica Communications Perks and Problems:

Not only is Rosica committed to offering great client experiences but they also pride themselves on genuinely supporting their staff. This is an organization that works best as a team and focuses heavily on shared values while still celebrating uniqueness and individuality.

As an employer, Rosica Communications is all about goal-driven results and hard work. Though they often engage in efforts to help their employees have fun on the job, they’re also very disciplined and expect people to deliver on projects according to strict timeframes.

Rosica Communications prides themselves on their great work ethic which focuses on delivering high-quality work while ensuring a strong quality of life for each member of staff. Get an insight into the Rosica Communications company by visiting their Facebook page.

Getting a Job with Rosica PR:

Rosica Communications takes a strategic approach to ensuring client happiness with focus and attention to detail as well as imaginative thinking. As part of this dynamic team, PR professionals can discover an opportunity to learn from a diverse range of public relations experts and internet marketing specialists, while contributing to client success.

Employees should be able to take responsibility for client outcomes and manage multiple tasks with precision and passion. Those interested in joining the team can email a resume and cover letter to

Miscellaneous on Chris Rosica:

The president and one of the founders of the Rosica Communications agency Chris Rosica was also the author of the Authentic Brands published by Noble Press in 2011. He is also known for writing the Business of Cause Marketing book in 2010 which helps to teach people about the complications of public relations.

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