Sacramento County Seeks Agency For Census Marketing

Sacramento County Seeks Agency For Complete Count 2020 Census Marketing Campaign
Sacramento County Seeks Agency For Complete Count 2020 Census Marketing Campaign

Sacramento County seeks a dynamic marketing and communications agency/consultant with strong, full-service capabilities that can produce a best-in-class advertising and marketing campaign anchored in diversity, with an ability to reach HTC populations. The campaign must be multi-platform and integrated to maximize effectiveness, and be responsive to changes in the public and media marketplace.

The agency/consultant must commit a team of experienced professionals to the account who have experience in: outreaching to and engaging with Sacramento’s multicultural and multi-language populations, working with and leveraging resources with diverse community based organizations, human centered design, knowledge of the census and its importance to Sacramento residents.

The agency must have the ability to manage a team of communications partners, extensive knowledge of the diverse Sacramento County residents, how residents communicate and receive information; knowledge of what motivates people to act particularly when there might be an element of fear or distrust. Knowledge of and relationships with Sacramento’s diverse trusted messengers, local and ethnic media market and the ability to manage advertising, media, communications and marketing development, testing, production, evaluation and media placement to address 2020 Census priorities. Strong project management skills are necessary.


The decennial 2020 US Census is every 10 years, mandated by Article 1, Section 2 of the United States Constitution. The goal of the 2020 Census is to count every person living in the nation. The results are used to allocate Congressional seats, electoral votes, and an estimated $675 billion in program funding to state and local governments.

Sacramento County receives approximately $1/2 billion annually in federal funding for important programs that support health, education, transportation, agriculture and more. For every person in Sacramento missed during the 2020 Census count, the county could lose approximately $1,950 per person, per year, for 10 years, in federal funding. Sacramento is the 3rd most diverse community in the State, 13th in the nation. 2020 Census marketing must address all aspects of our diverse community.

Sacramento County has formed a Complete Count Committee (CCC) comprised of a Community Steering Committee and a Government Steering Committee. The Executive Committee, comprised of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation (SRCF) and Sacramento County, lead and coordinate the Steering Committees and the overall Complete Count Committee work.

In 2020, for the first time, Census respondents will be asked to complete the census online. Census information will be mailed to households beginning in late March through early April 2020, directing households to websites, to complete the census questionnaire online. Websites will be available in English and 12 other languages. Households will also be able to call in to complete the census or request a printed census questionnaire be mailed to them.

Those who are unresponsive after repeated mailed reminders will receive a printed questionnaire (English and Spanish only) which will automatically be mailed in late April-May 2020. Households who still have not completed the questionnaire will receive a phone call and in-person follow up in the spring and summer of 2020. US Census self-response data collection concludes in September 2020.

Scope of Work:

The specific scope of service will be refined with the successful respondent. Of additional note, Election Day for the Presidential Primary and other elections for California is March 3, 2020; approximately 2 weeks prior to residents receiving Census mailings. Marketing and outreach for the Census will also rely on leveraging Voter’s Choice outreach. The following represents a general discussion of the range of services anticipated; including:

  • Research and develop a marketing campaign (and Sacramento brand if determined to be necessary) that is most reflective and appropriate for a diverse and multi-lingual Sacramento County; and which compliments and builds on USCB, Ca State 2020Census, The California Endowment, Sacramento County Voter’s Choice and other marketing and messaging campaigns;
  • *Design high quality and relevant marketing materials and messaging, including and not limited to: display boards, pop ups, digital toolkit, print material, social media material, t-shirts, swag, radio ads and billboard ads;
  • Work with a small stakeholder group from Community-based organizations and local government for material review and implementation feedback;
  • Assist the County and Community in developing a communications strategy and social media plan, which also builds on and compliments Voter’s Choice;
  • Assist as necessary with execution/implementation of social media and story ideas for positive news coverage in local media and the County Census website;
  • Coordinate outreach timing and materials with CCC Community Committee, local and regional foundations, Voters Choice and local, regional, state, and federal government efforts;
  • Participate in regular communication planning meetings;
  • Develop a plan and budget for local, ethnic, traditional and digital advertising and media buying, also leveraging Voters Choice media buying and potentially a mega-region market with other Counties;
  • Develop with County and community, accountability measures to evaluate effective outreach, communications, and marketing efforts during and after the 2020 census;
  • Track earned and paid media;
  • Create a Sacramento County 2020 Census Media/Communications Tool Kit (optional based on determined need);
  • Assist as needed with project management;
  • Provide communications support to County staff and Complete Count Committee;
  • Wherever possible, Consultant shall first leverage ALL existing media resources (state media contracts, ethnic media, and design/collateral from Foundations, State media /messaging, Federal media /messaging). Research what exists and leveraging those resources rather than duplicating what’s appropriate and available;
  • Be culturally responsive toward various ethnic and vulnerable populations;

Due Date:

March 29th, 2019


Judy Robinson, 2020 Census Manager

Office of the County Executive

700 H St., Seventh Floor

Sacramento County 95814

Finn Partners and Makovsky PR have relevant experience.

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