Sales Funnel Stages on Instagram

Companies that want to get more conversions and sales on Instagram need to create a conversion funnel. This funnel has a few different stages and guides potential customers through the buying journey. With the help of a conversion funnel, companies can generate brand awareness, and encourage sales, and conversions. With a few tweaks and strategies, companies can also encourage repeat purchases with their customers.

First stage

The first stage of the conversion funnel on Instagram is generating brand awareness. That means companies have to focus on reaching more people and getting discovered. One of the best ways for companies to achieve that is through entertaining and educational content. This type of content is helpful in grabbing the attention of the target audience. The potential customers will want to learn more about the business and its solutions. To create this type of content, companies will have to learn more about the target audience. That includes their demographic and psychographic information. Interests, pain points, habits, and even the way that they use Instagram on a daily basis are all helpful to know. This information helps businesses figure out the type of content they need to create to cater to the needs of the audience.

Second stage

The second stage of the conversion funnel is getting potential customers to think about making a purchase. At this stage, the customer is already familiar with the company. That means it’s time for the company to start giving them reasons why they should make a purchase. That includes creating content such as product demos and showing customers the benefits they can get. That doesn’t mean the company should be focusing on all the features that its solutions have. Instead, companies should highlight all the benefits customers can get in their daily life from using the company’s solution.

Third stage

The next stage is conversions, where the company creates content that gets people to convert. That includes content that’s shoppable on the social media platform, which means adding product tags. During this stage, companies can start adding more sales and conversion strategies that are proven to be effective. Things like limited quantity or limited edition products, and even limited time offers to create a sense of urgency with customers. They’re a great way for companies to generate more sales. Another strategy would be to provide customers with other benefits like freebies, discounts, or free shipping.

Last stage

Once a company has made a sale, the conversion journey doesn’t end, contrary to popular belief. Companies should strive to encourage repeat purchases with customers and gain their loyalty. This can be done through exclusive discounts for long-term customers. Companies can also offer their customers renewable subscriptions, or send them updated versions of the products they’ve purchased.

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