Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority Seeks Multi-Media Marketing Firm

Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority Seeks Multi-Media Marketing Firm

The Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority ((Authority) (a.k.a. Salinas Valley Recycles (SVR)) seeks proposals from qualified agencies to provide professional, educational public outreach material for various communication media to promote waste reduction, recycling and Authority programs and services.


The Authority was formed in January 1997 to administer a solid waste management system and source reduction and recycling services for the Cities of Salinas, Gonzales, Soledad, Greenfield and King City and the eastern unincorporated Monterey County. The Authority is an autonomous governmental organization controlled by a board of directors composed of representatives of each of the member cities and the unincorporated county areas. The Authority’s mission is to manage Salinas Valley solid waste as a resource, promoting sustainable, environmentally sound and cost-effective practices through an integrated system of waste reduction, reuse, recycling, innovative technology, customer service and education. The Authority is also responsible for the regulatory compliance of designated solid waste disposal sites within its boundary, which includes the Lewis Road Landfill (closed), Crazy Horse Landfill (closed), Sun Street Transfer Station, Johnson Canyon Landfill, and Jolon Road Transfer Station and Landfill (closed).

Scope of Work:

  • Consultant is requested to work with the Authority’s Marketing Committee to develop multi-media concepts and promotions that provide the greatest opportunity for waste reduction and recycling on focused materials. Consultant shall conduct research on select subject matter for targeted audiences, develop an outreach plan to increase community participation and behavior changes, prepare and produce promotional materials in the most appropriate and effective format, and release through various communication outlets.
  • The Authority recently conducted a Market Research Survey to better understand residents’ attitudes and priorities relating to waste reduction, recycling and solid waste services in the Salinas Valley and how residents consume media –both digital media and traditional media: television, radio and print. The consultant should be prepared to utilize survey results and existing Authority media campaigns, publications, images, graphics, and resources to their best advantage.
  • Print media will include but not be limited to, production of recycling columns published on-line and/or in local newspapers, focusing on a multi-cultural approach.
  • Digital Media will include but not be limited to, ads, images, graphics, or videos for website and social media.
  • Press releases and as needed.
  • Annual marketing overview presentation to the Authority’s Board of Directors to report outreach campaign activities and impacts.
  • The estimated timeline for the completion of the scope of work is July 2018 – June 2020.

Due Date:

May 4th


Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority

Attn: Erika J. Trujillo, Clerk of the Board

128 Sun Street

Suite 101

Salinas, CA 93901


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