Salt Lake County Issues Marketing RFP

Salt Lake County Issues Marketing RFP

Salt Lake County, on behalf of Center for the Art (CFA), plans to contract with a qualified firm to provide email and marketing services. The email service will provide a structure for email creation, distribution, automation and reporting, as well as support and training services. The email service is used by CFA to generate organizational newsletters, venue advertising, outreach education, and performance promotion to a list of over 65,000 recipients. The recipient list increases approximately 10% per year. Since its earliest days, Utah’s citizens have made arts and culture an integral part of our lives and our thriving community. That strong tradition and support of arts and culture continues today through the Salt Lake County Center for the Arts. The Salt Lake County Center for the Arts supports the vibrant arts and culture community with our four world class performing arts venues, ArtTix ticketing services, and a robust Public Art program.

Our venues are located in the heart of thriving, vibrant downtown Salt Lake City. While you’re here to see a show, take time to experience some of the other possibilities downtown has to offer.

Scope of Work:

Tasks to be Completed:

  • Pre-designed templates that are easy to edit, customizable, and mobile responsive
  • Contact management system that can maintain up to 400,000 contacts; allow list targeting and segmenting; and provide recipient personalization
  • Flat fee for unlimited number of emails per month
  • Email scheduling and autoresponder service
  • Comprehensive email metrics reporting and integration with Google Analytics
  • Data migration on-boarding and support
  • Responsive customer and technical support
  • Training and resources for software usage as well as industry best practices
  • Compliance with current privacy and regulatory rules regarding email communication

Due Date:

September 10th



Agencies to consider should include Finn Partners and W2O Group.

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