San Diego County Regional Airport Seeks Ad Company

The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority seeks proposals from firms to develop, install, maintain, and sell advertisement for an Airport Advertisement Program at the San Diego International Airport.


The Airport is located three (3) miles northwest of downtown San Diego. It is the 29th busiest airport in North America in terms of passengers, and it is the busiest single-runway commercial service airport in the nation. The Airport serves over 20- million passengers annually and has over 500 scheduled daily airline operations. In addition to an extensive domestic flight network, the Airport has nonstop international flights to Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Japan, Germany, and Switzerland. The Airport currently features 51 gates within two (2) terminals (Terminal 1 and 2). Within the 51 gates, 5 gates of Terminal 2 East are currently designated for International airline activity. Southwest Airlines is the largest carrier accounting for just over 39 percent of the Airport’s total passenger volume.

Currently underway is a five-year, $1 billion Capital Improvement Program to include various expansion projects to accommodate current and future passenger growth. These include a new Entrance Road, Hourly Parking & Rental Car Deck, Onsite Intermodal Facility, Concourse Expansion and new Federal Inspection Station.

Over the past decade, the Airport’s advertising has been confined to the interior of the passenger terminals and has consisted mainly of backlit wall mounted displays, and corporate displays. The Authority believes that there are many other ways to create interest and enhance revenue through other types of displays and techniques, and by opening the entire Airport to possibilities for advertising, sponsorships, and naming rights. Thus, the Authority is seeking creative proposals that present a comprehensive program that goes well beyond traditional airport advertising, attracts new advertisers at higher rates, and improves the airport environment, creates innovative ideas while still having a minimalist approach.

The successful Respondent may have the non-exclusive right to implement the following Advertising Program elements at the Airport:

  1. In-Terminal Advertising Program. Advertising within the terminal may include, but is not limited to, traditional backlit wall-mounted displays, overhead dioramas, wide-screen video systems, digital image banners, touch screens, interactive multimedia software, interactive projection system or optical imaging display cases, wall murals, and video advertising.
  2. Outdoor Advertising Program. Advertising outside the terminal may include, but is not limited to, light pole banners, exterior wall wraps, fiber optic displays, digital image banners, touch screens interactive projection system or optical imaging display cases.
  3. Airport Parking Advertising Program. Advertising associated with parking may include, but is not limited to, poster ads on the sides and rear of parking shuttle buses, bus branding, wraps on gate arm faces on gate arms at parking lot exits, advertising on front or back of parking lot tickets.
  4. Sponsorship and Naming Rights. The Authority encourages Respondents to suggest creative ideas for maximizing revenue through sponsorships of and/or naming rights for Airport services, facilities, venue and infrastructure.
  5. Unique Partnerships. The Authority encourages Respondents to suggest creative ideas for innovative partnerships with businesses that want to pursue non-traditional marketing at the Airport. These opportunities may include, but are not limited to, special events, product rollouts, demonstration booths, technology that could include use of Authority-owned proximity sensors (beacons), the Authority’s in-house Wi-Fi system, TV programming in hold-rooms and Airport directional platforms.

Scope of Work:

The Authority’s goal is to have a professionally designed, high quality, innovative Advertisement Program using the latest innovation and technology advertising mediums in an airport environment. These objectives allow the Airport users to experience a memorable and friendly environment that helps to reduce the stress of travel while providing said users with a reason to notice, retain, and be entertained by the advertisement messages.

To accomplish these objectives, the Authority’s Advertisement Program should have the following characteristics:

  1. Enhance the Airport Environment. Build a creative innovative Advertisement Program using the latest technology that is unique to San Diego and reflective of the region that results in an improved sensory experience and complements terminal aesthetics.
  2. Enhance Revenues. Provide a variety of state-of-the-art advertising options and mediums that satisfy the needs of both local and national advertisement while enhancing revenue opportunities.
  3. Community Themed and Passenger Expected Attributes. From a community and image standpoint, the San Diego region highlights a beautiful year-round climate, seventy (70) miles of beaches, and reinforces a rich history and diversity of its citizens along with a business community and thriving business climate that continues to expand in medical technology, communications and electronics manufacturing, and tourism fields. From the passenger perspective, the Airport is a gateway to the region that will make an outstanding and lasting impression of their visit to San Diego and the entire region.

Due Date:

January 31st


Post Office Box 82776

San Diego, California 92138-2776

Firms with a strong California presence include Finn Partners and Ruder Finn.

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