Due date: May 23rd, 2023 2pm Central Time

1. General

San Jacinto Community College District (“SJCCD” or “College”) is soliciting sealed proposals from qualified firms to provide media buying and placement services. SJCCD reserves the right to select one or more companies based on the best value, as determined by SJCCD, overall response(s) submitted to the College, with consideration given to proposals that best meet the desired scope of work and specifications set forth in this request for proposals.

All work performed must be in compliance with existing federal, state and local codes, statutes and requirements.

SJCCD is a public community college district organized under Chapter 130 of the Texas Education Code and is tax exempt in the State of Texas.

2. Background

SJCCD has been serving the residents of East Harris County, Texas, since 1961. The College is fiscally sound, and currently holds bond ratings of AA and Aa2 by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s, respectively.

SJCCD is one of the top five community colleges in the nation, as recognized by the Aspen Institute.

Approximately 41,000 credit and non-credit (continuing education) students benefit each year from a support system that maps out a pathway for success. SJCCD offers eight areas of study and more than 200 degrees and certificates that prepare a diverse body of students to transfer to four-year colleges or universities or enter the workforce with the skills needed to support the growing industries in our region and throughout our state. It is the third largest community college in the Houston area, and the eight largest community college in Texas.

Due to the diverse and ever-changing area it serves, SJCCD faces many challenges and opportunities. As the cost of higher education increases, more students and their families are looking to community colleges because of their lower costs (about 1/3 the cost of a Texas four year college or university), proximity to home and work, and the ease of transferability between community colleges and four-year colleges and universities.

SJCCD’s service area is highly diverse, not only in ethnicity, but also in income and education levels. The service area is more than sixty percent (60%) Hispanic, which accurately reflects the College enrollment. African Americans are growing in the northern portions of our service area and the Asian and Indian populations are growing rapidly in the southern portions of our service area. SJCCD has five campuses and multiple extension centers located throughout the service area. You can view the College quick facts at:

Funding for community colleges comes from three primary sources: state appropriations, student tuition, and property taxes. SJCCD has maintained one of the lowest community college tuition rates in Texas. The College has a simple tuition model with no fees.

The goal of the media buying and placement services agency is to provide SJCCD with a robust media plan that spans the College’s service area and targets the ever growing diverse population and varied ages of our students. SJCCD prefers to hire a firm that has an extensive knowledge of and demonstrated connections and expertise in working in the Houston Designated Market Area.

3. Scope Details

This scope of work covers the requirements to provide SJCCD with media buying and placement services, which shall include, but is not limited to the following:

a. Firm shall conduct a thorough analysis of marketing and advertising opportunities within the Houston Designated Market Area for:

i. Radio

ii. Television

iii. Digital media tactics such as (but not limited to):

1. Display advertising;

2. Paid keyword search (Pay-Per-Click / Cost-Per-Click);

3. Search Engine Optimization;

4. Mobile advertising;

5. Social media;

6. Geofencing/geotargeting.

b. Firm’s media plan shall not include negotiating and purchasing traditional print, outdoor media, or creative services. The SJCCD External Relations department will provide all advertising assets needed.

c. Firm shall appoint an Account Executive to meet, at a minimum, monthly with the SJCDD Marketing leadership team, become familiar with the goals and objectives of the College, and understand the target audiences. The meetings can be held via telephone, video conferencing, or face-to-face.

d. The firm shall be a strategic partner to the College in identifying media strategies and tactics that support retention and enrollment growth, and that meet objectives within the designated advertising budget.

e. Firm shall be a strategic partner to provide media placement recommendations using updated media research tools and analysis methods for the strategic placement of advertising to reach SJCCD’s target audience.

f. Firm shall identify annual key performance indicators for tracking campaign success and conversion rates.

g. Firm shall, with the approval of the Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations, purchase and distribute advertising according to the agreed upon media plan. Contracts with media outlets shall be between the media outlet and the Firm. If there is a need for the media outlet to have a direct contract with SJCCD, all such contracts must go through the purchasing procedures and contracts must be signed according to SJCCD policy and the laws of the State of Texas.

h. Firm shall provide accountability for all media placed on behalf of SJCCD and provide comprehensive reporting on campaign and advertising performance.

i. Firm must have an office located in the greater Houston metropolitan area or can demonstrate knowledge of the Houston media market.

j. Service Area Map by zip code is included for additional information under the Attachment Tab in IonWave.


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