SMT PR: How To Do A Satellite Media Tour

SMT Satelite Media TourSatellite Media Tours, also known as SMTs, are becoming increasingly popular among businesses because they’re cost-effective and relay messages to various media sources. An SMT is a series of interviews spread out over the course of a number of hours, yet conducted generally from the same location.

They generally involve the spokesperson of your company and a reporter, journalist, or another member of the media. Often, they help draw attention to events, new products, or a particular trending subject.

satellite media tour -everything-prSMTs are big deals.

They draw a lot of attention from the public, so companies considering an SMT should take their time choosing the spokesperson interacting with the media and the best match for the media tour. Companies should make sure the spokesperson has proper media training, because, during the media tour, they become the face of the company. Bear in mind, not every story topic and every spokesperson is a good match for a media tour. It’s important the choice is someone able to convey the company’s message clearly and concisely.

But having a good spokesperson isn’t the only thing furthering a successful media tour. Media tours have evolved to include radio and online interviews. It’s no secret that a large chunk of society is constantly connected to their mobile devices, so companies who incorporate the radio and internet into their tours reach the biggest audiences. It’s also important to be on top of the administrative side of things.

Make sure during the planning stages of your media tour, you have an up-to-date media contact list, a concise pitch written down, and a strategy and timeline in place. Have someone begin building relationships with different media outlets well in advance. Believe it or not, these administrative tasks can make or break a media tour, so it’s worth the effort.

satellite media tour

When the day of the media tour arrives, it’s important the spokesperson arrive at the interview site well in advance. Allowing time to go through hair and makeup, and a practice round or two. You can spend all of the time in the world preparing and planning for a media tour.

But if your people aren’t prepared and professional the day of the tour, all of the preparation and planning will be wasted. Being fully prepared the day of the tour is vital.

If done correctly and planned strategically, media tours can be very beneficial. They’re excellent ways to convey a message reaching a wide public base. So if you have a message, event, or product you’re looking to promote, start planning your media tour!

There are a number of choices and good vendors to conduct a satellite media tour.

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