Schmidt Public Affairs LLC: Profile

Established in 2004, Schmidt Public Affairs LLC has grown into a no-nonsense, hands-on, and results-oriented agency. Employing Schmidt Public Affairs’ professional’s 75 years of expertise in healthcare, the agency has carved its name as the go-to agency for healthcare providers.

Working closely with different brands and drawing upon its diverse talent pool, Schmidt’s agency remains committed to the frequent, thoughtful, and direct interaction with professionals to help clients achieve their business objectives.

Within an increasingly complex and competitive health policy environment, Schmidt Public Affairs offers outstanding services, has managed notable results, and bagged several awards. Highlighting their services, outstanding results, and awards in key.

Notable Services

#1. Advocacy

Working with brands that range from celebrities to large corporations, Schmidt Public Affairs’ advocacy capabilities include facility tours, advocacy training and tools, online advocacy, messaging, event management, and coalition management.

#2. Crisis Communication

With crisis being important, turning points in the healthcare industry, and COVID-19 spotlighting the industry’s practices, Schmidt’s team assists brands with several crisis management activities.

Schmidt Public Affairs’ capabilities include crisis communication planning, messaging, media training, online reputation management, response planning, and reputation management.

#3. Digital and Social Media

With more consumers turning to digital media platforms, healthcare brands require tailored digital and social media strategies and campaigns to meet the rising demands.

Working with Schmidt Public Affairs’ digital and social media service guarantees outstanding social advertising campaigns, social media training, web design and development. Other capabilities include SEO/SEM services, blog writing and management, and social media plans and policies.

#4. Strategy

To accomplish important feats in healthcare, tailored strategies are key. Schmidt Public Affairs’ strategy service entails research, messaging, brand development, communication assessments, strategic planning and counsel, and communication planning.

Notable Campaigns and Result

#1. Making a case against the Medical Device Tax

With billions being diverted from research and development to pay medical device taxes, the costs posed a threat to medical innovation. What’s more, without support on the issues, Congress lacked the motivation to make appropriate changes; instead, Congress had resulted in kicking the can down the road.

Working with leading think tanks, Schmidt Public Affairs released a new whitepaper explaining why taxing medical devices was a bad policy. The whitepaper formed the basis of content shared with patient advocates prior to Capitol Hill meetings. Engaging conservative and liberal thought leaders, democrat and republican emotive arguments were publicized and shared to push for a repeal of the law.

The result: more than 200 bipartisan members of Congress supported a full repeal.

#2. The Kidney Care Community

Seeking to reposition the kidney care community and advance a bold agenda for future kidney care, the Kidney Care Community involved Schmidt Public Affairs in running strategic digital campaigns that would ensure that policymakers were abreast of the progress that has been achieved in the past decade of kidney care.

Schmidt Public Affairs’ strategic campaigns emphasized the need for collaboration between the administration and Congress to ensure that patients with kidney diseases lived longer and fuller lives.

The result: Schmidt Public Affairs’ advertisement reached more than 11.2 million impressions within Washington DC’s policymaker audience. At the same time, utilizing third-party data analysis, Schmidt’s agency places an op-ed in an inside-the-beltway publication emphasizing the importance of collaboration to advance kidney care.

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