ScoutComms – a PR Firm Focused on Veterans

ScoutComms – a PR Firm Focused on VeteransScoutComms Public Relations

ScoutComms is a Certified Benefit Corporation based in the Washington D.C. area and focuses on military families and veterans issues. They work with veterans, military families, and groups or corporations who are helping them in their communication and media relation type efforts.

Their goal is to help others understand the needs of the people they represent as well as helping to connect those who need help and benefits with those who provide them.

As a Certified B Corporation (B Corp) they are still a for-profit company, but B Corps place their mission as being equally important to making a profit. ScoutComms is one of about 1300 such corporations worldwide that have set their mission as being a vital part of their success. And ScoutComms is the only one centered on military and veteran issues.

ScoutComms PR Areas of Expertise

Their work includes media relations, both traditional efforts with media outlets as well as work with military bloggers to get information out to their customers and the troops. They develop and maintain ties with official sources and work with public affairs officers in government. They vigilantly search for new trends and opportunities to teach and influence others through panel discussions, speaking engagements, and teaching opportunities, sharing their message about issues impacting those serving in the military or providing support for their efforts. In the process, they also develop strategies to positively influence decisions makers in the private sector and in the government.

They consult with and give guidance to corporations and charities in their efforts, including help with fund-raising events, panel discussions, social media objectives, and working with official government agencies.

More Information

ScoutComms is a disabled service veteran owned small business, so they bring a deep understanding and perspective to their mission-based work. Fred Wellman, CEO of ScoutComms, has spent over 25 years gaining military, government, commercial, and non-profit experience while helping clients successfully maneuver in the aerospace, defense, and veteran sectors. In June, Mr. Wellman was honored as the Veteran’s Business Champion of the Year in Virginia by the U.S. Small Business Administration. This award is given once a year to someone who has shown a commitment to advancing small business opportunities for members of the U.S. armed forces and veterans.

Wellman is a graduate of West Point Academy, and serves in a variety of volunteer capacities; he replaced Fred as Community Outreach Director back in October, and he no longer serves as the VP of the veterans council. He is still on the advisory board for US Vets in Washington DC.

If you or your company have work related to veterans affairs, you should contact them through their website.

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