Search Engine Optimization for Small Businesses

Search engine optimization efforts are something that every company has to start investing in as soon as possible to be able to reach a bigger audience in an organic fashion, generate organic website traffic, increase sales, and develop a higher credibility and trust for the business with the target audience. And there are a number of benefits that companies can get from interest improving their search engine optimization, with the biggest fact being that consumers these days tend to rely on search engines as one of the first stages of their buying journey, which means companies that end up making a first impression through search engine results pages tend to get a lot more customers interested in their solutions enough to make a purchase.

Plan and strategy

Companies that want to get more people interested in the business and visiting their website need to first figure out their target audience and buyer personas. This is because the websites are made for people, which means the website that a company creates needs to be created in a way that provides potential customers with the information that they need to make a purchasing decision. The more information that a company has about it’s target audience and ideal customers, the easier time it will have creating a website that will cater to the needs of the target audience and get them to make a purchase. Aside from knowing their values and pain points, companies also need to know which types of keywords potential customers are using to find the company or similar companies and solutions on the search engines. Keywords are all of the phrases and words that potential customers in the target audience use in search engines when they want to make a purchase or find a solution to a pain point. Then, search engine algorithms are able to find the most relevant platforms and websites, or images that will match the search terms from the users with the most accurate results that will help them solved those problems. That means companies will have to figure out which keywords the target audience is using, and start including those keywords in the content on their own website.


Once a company has created a plan and a strategy to be able to target potential customers with the right keywords and content on its own website, it’s time to look at what some of the top market competitors are doing on their website, for each keyword, and other strategies they are using to increase their ranking on search engine results pages. There are a number of tools and platforms that companies can use to figure out all this information and more, however, companies need to keep in mind that all of the information they learn about their competitors can help improve their own search engine optimization efforts, but it shouldn’t be the only resource that companies have.


Finally, the pages on a website don’t change every day, while search engine algorithms are constantly looking for new and high-quality content. For companies to be able to keep up with that need and demand, they have to create new and relevant content, which is generally done through blogging. When a company creates blog posts, it needs to talk about its target audience, and the pain points that they have on a daily basis, to be able to connect with them and get them to make a purchasing decision. However, companies also have to be aware that simply copying content and publishing it on their own websites is the easiest way to decrease the ranking of their websites, because that gets punished by search engines. That means companies have to constantly create new content, or figure out different ways that they can refresh the old content that they’ve already created.

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