Season Ready?

2019-10-31 by EPR Staff
Season Ready?
Season Ready?

The music may still be missing but the holiday décor has been up at some stores for a few weeks already.  Are you ready?  Even if you are or think you are, there are some tweaks you may wish to consider in your marketing plan based on the following information.

Like What?

83% of pc users went online last year to shop with 39% actually making purchases.   That compares to 81% of mobile users shopping online with a remarkable 61% actually buying.  Both platforms showed a negligible change in data between 2017 and 2018 and mobile is expected to be more popular again this season. As might be expected, Sunday was the least active day for online shopping last year.  Wednesday and Thursday evenings and daytime Friday were the busiest.

When it came to websites, Amazon continued its hold as the most visited.  Similarly, Amazon by far surpassed its competition with 1.8 million products.  The second giant, Walmart, trailed Amazon in second for most visited and 200,000 products.

Most Popular

Of the 20 product categories studied, home and kitchen products ranked number one for both giants.  Second differed with clothing, shoes and jewelry ranking second at Amazon.  Clothing ranked third at Walmart while food came in second. Electronics, health and household, beauty and personal care, toys and games, books, grocery and gourmet food, sports and outdoors, and office products rounded off the top ten at Amazon.  The next seven categories at Walmart were toys, household essentials, electronics, personal care, health, pets and beauty.


The obvious difference between Amazon and Walmart is that sales of items regularly used at home were still very high on the list at Walmart, unlike its competitor.

How might your company gain more customers, increase sales, and move up in the charts?  Applying behavioral intelligence is the digital equivalent to emotional intelligence.  It may be the key to raising your company’s standing and achieve your intended results. If you’ve been gathering information about your customers and segmenting it by behavior, area(s) of interest, product(s) purchased and/or viewed, etc., you’re already ahead of the game and have the data to target your audience.

The key is to personalize your future communications by wisely marketing to them.  For first-time visitors to your website a week or two ago, sending them an email voucher for 25% or 40% off might attract them back and result in a purchase.

To visitors who selected an item or two, placed them in your carts and then left your site, a limited time only free shipping voucher could entice them to return.   You get the idea.  Toss around other ideas with your team and try them out.

Monitor the results of your special offers and outreach and use the ones that work best.  If it’s practical, you might even set conversion goals.  Being able to compare these goals from season to season offers up an exciting challenge and may also motivate your marketing team to generate more ideas.

Happy holidays!