North Hempstead

The Town of North Hempstead (“Town”) is requesting proposals from qualified firms to perform certain Federal and State-level grant writing services on behalf of the Town. A firm may be selected from among responding firms based on a thorough analysis of each firm’s ability to provide the Town with the highest quality services at the most cost-effective fees

Scope of Work:

The Town requires the services of a firm to provide grant advocacy services at both the federal and state level, as well as with private sources, and to represent the Town before federal and state legislators, as well as private sources, to lobby for funding for projects identified by the Town and the contractor. Grants will include all areas of the Town government, including, telecommunications, solid waste disposal, parks and recreational services, economic development, highways and transportation, infrastructure, and disaster management.

The successful firm must be available at all times to meet with the Town and its staff in order to perform the responsibilities assigned, to attend all requested meetings, represent the interests of the Town and act as a liaison between the Town and all branches, departments and agencies of the federal and state government that deal with funding for projects the Town is interested in pursuing.

The successful proposer will be responsible for the following to be performed upon the request of the Town:

  1. Provide grant writing, advocacy and consulting services;
  2. Develop a plan to pursue funding for projects that are a priority for the Town and coordinate meetings as necessary;
  3. Working closely with the Town and its staff to develop a detailed strategic plan for funding for the Town;
  4. Identify federal and state grant opportunities; monitor and facilitate the progress of funding/grant applications through appropriate agencies on behalf of the Town, when requested;
  5. Identify and aggressively act to obtain funding for Town projects;
  6. Review, on a continuing basis, all existing and proposed federal and state grant programs and opportunities, and identify funding for the Town that aligns with its long and short-term strategic goals;
  7. Develop and evaluate strategies for obtaining federal and state grant funding;
  8. Work directly with the Town’s staff grant-writer to further the funding priorities of the Town;
  9. Schedule meetings with local, federal and state officials when requested by the Town;
  10. Appear and testify before legislative bodies, legislative committees, agency hearings, rule- making proceedings and other administrative agency or legislative meetings as required to promote, oppose and seek passage of legislation and/or funding affecting the Town;
  11. Advocate for funding and programs, on the Town’s behalf, with federal and state representatives and leaders.
  12. Assist with and make recommendations to the Town for the drafting of correspondence to federal and state leaders regarding issues of interest and concern to the Town;
  13. On request of the Town, represent the Town’s grant and funding issues to elected officials;
  14. Prepare briefings for the Town on matters as requested; and
  15. Report to the Town and its staff on the firm’s activities in writing on a quarterly basis.

It is anticipated that the Town will award an agreement for a term ending December 31, 2021 with an option to be exercised solely in the discretion of the Town to extend the term of the agreement for up to two (2) additional one (1) year periods. The Town may exercise these extensions solely by delivering notice of the extension to the selected proposer. Any extensions will be exercised on the same terms and conditions, including price.

Due Date:

February 26, 2018


220 Plandome Road

P.O. Box 3000

Manhasset, NY 11030-2327

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