Sergey Brin Never Sent My Google Glass Test Kit!

Did you get your Google Glass test unit yet? If not, then you’re simply not cool at all. At least this is the sense most of the online world must have seeing the likes of Robert Scoble or Pete Cashmore among the 8,000 “explorers,” people picked by Google to wear the first ones of these massively anticipated wearable smart toys. Okay, maybe more than toys.

The coming iHelmet

The coming iHelmet

Don’t worry, you really don’t have to be seen wearing these gadgets to be cool. After all, I am cool and Sergey never sent me a pair. And I wear glasses too, so there’s a missed opportunity for the next release of Google technology – prescription Google Glass – es. Hey, and if the media falling out with Google Glass of late shows anything at all, it’s that Google’s PR peeps are not all they are cracked up to be. Maybe the karma of forgetting so many hard core tech peeps left out of the glee club will doom the dorky glasses in the end? But probably not.

Wearable tech is just the wave of the future, there’s not denying it. As for Google Glass being a hit in the current form though, I think even Google knows this is child’s play compared to a real Apple killer personal communicative device. For now though, Scoble, Needleman and some other Google pied pipers get to bounce around looking “in” within the tech realm. Oh, and PGA golfer Scott Piercy, sci-fi writer Scott Piercy, Trey Ratcliff, and some other pretty geeky guinea pigs out there.

Yes, I am jealous, but us big guys can duct tape our iPads to a Dallas Cowboys football helmet and get almost the same effect. I’m hurt Sergey.

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