Celebrity PR: Sharon Stone from Topless to Over the Top

Sharon Stone Topless - Celebrity PR

Sharon Stone attended the Elton John Aids Benefit the other day, looking a little worse for the wear. After posing for Paris Match topless earlier this year, the 51 year old star evidently decided to take a new direction for this event. The result was simply not very appealing. Stone, wearing perhaps the worst outfit this writer has seen her in, also appeared to have had makeup issues. Some the photos coming out of the event show stone looking haggard and with lipstick issues as well.

Sharon has had an up and down career, and up and down love life, and up and down health issues as well. I guess one could terms celebrity lifestyles like here as “mercuric”, but no one can control their fate completely . However, firing her mom as her manager, and posing topless at age 51 seems a little “out of control” if you ask me.

Stone has been an acclaimed actress, heralded as a humanitarian, survived life threatening stroke, and deals with having diabetes even now. She has also been at the precipice of controversy over any number of equally negative impact over the years. Up and down, round and round, Sharon Stone seems even more so now than ever, all over the place (Even with Paul Bloch of Rogers & Cowan as her publicist for many years.)

Still, she looks pretty good for 51, even with a bad makeup day going on at Elton’s gig. I bet her fans just wish she would push on through to “the other side” and become a classy and talented matron of the performing arts now. But then, maybe she feels she needs to “shock and awe” everyone instead? Act right gal, you can do better than this.

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