Simple Strategies to Improve SEO Efforts

Companies that want to improve their search engine optimization efforts need to start investing in generating high-quality backlinks to improve the rank of their website on search engine results pages. This is because backlinks are one of the most important rank-deciding factors on search engine results pages. If a company is able to generate a lot of high-quality backlinks it can improve its overall search engine optimization efforts, as well as increase its ranking on search results. Backlinks are whenever another website links back to the company’s own, and are also called inbound or external links.


One of the ways that companies can generate high-quality backlinks is by looking at some of the high sources of referrals for their website, which is all of the other websites that link to the company’s content and provide a backlink in the process. When a company is able to figure out the types of websites that frequently link back to the company’s own site, as well as the type of content that they prefer to link to, the business can figure out if there are any new or similar opportunities to generate backlinks either through websites that are in a similar industry or market or through similar types of content. There are a few different ways that companies can figure out their referral sources, including through Google Analytics.

Outbound links

Another great way that companies can figure out if they have more opportunities to generate high-quality backlinks is by looking at all of their outbound links. That means, if a company is frequently including links in its own content to other websites that have a high authority, and is consistently sending that website a lot of high-quality traffic, the business can reach out to that website to request a backlink, and even start building a relationship that will turn into a partnership between that website and the company’s own. It’s important for companies to know that Google Analytics doesn’t provide companies with a list of their outbound links like it does for inbound links, however, there are other platforms that companies can use to find their outbound links and then reach out to those websites.

Search engine

Finally, companies can also use search engines, especially to Google Search Console, to figure out whether they have any additional opportunities where they could generate website backlinks from authoritative sites with credible domains. The Google Search Console is actually a free tool from Google that companies can use when they’re looking for various strategies to improve their ranking on search engine results pages and their overall search engine optimization efforts. One of the best opportunities inside the search consoles is the report on top linking sites, which is all the websites that have linked back to the company’s own website in the past, that companies can use to figure out the type of content that other websites appreciate enough to give the business a backlink.

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