Snohomish County Issues Federal Governmental RFP

Snohomish County Issues Federal Governmental RFP

Snohomish County is seeking a PR firm with a demonstrated record of effectively representing the interests of local governments and with the skills necessary to improve communications with the federal government on behalf of the County. The consultant selected will work with the County to develop and implement an annual federal legislative agenda, provide assistance on emerging federal issues of interest to the county, and assist in searching and applying for federal grants and programs. The consultant will provide advocacy, monitoring and reporting services. The consultant will play a key role with increasing the county’s visibility and strengthening relationships with its federal legislative delegation.


The legislative issues for the County cover a broad spectrum of interests from all county departments and offices and include, and are not limited to: infrastructure improvements for roads, tourism, parks, recreation, agriculture, and economic development; transit and aviation; law and justice activities; health and human services; and homeland security and emergency preparedness efforts. The consultant selected to fulfill this scope of work must be able to offer strategies and advise the county on how best to approach these issues and assist the county in effectively communicating its needs to the federal government and federal agencies.

Scope of Work:

The selected governmental relations consultant shall demonstrate a record of success in communicating and accomplishing the priorities of their clients with the federal government and federal agencies. The consultant shall report to and serve at the direction of the Snohomish County Council or its designated representative.

Specific responsibilities shall include:

Assist the County in the development of a legislative program that aligns with federal funding opportunities:

The consultant will meet with County officials to gain a full understanding of and to prioritize legislative issues. The consultant shall communicate County interests to, and receive feedback from, elected and appointed officials. Further, the consultant will inventory and analyze key   funding needs that align with federal budget opportunities. Areas to be covered by advocacy services include but are not limited to: transportation and transit, agriculture, economic development, health and human services, homeland security, housing, environmental protection, and energy and water resources.

Preparation of effective briefing materials:

Once a legislative program has been approved, the consultant will work with the County to develop specific briefing papers or other materials for high priority items, and an agenda for all other items. These briefing papers will be used to educate and win support from key members legislators.

Meetings with key Federal officials:

The consultant will organize meetings in Washington, D.C. for county officials with members of Congress and staff of the Washington delegation and also other relevant Congressional   committee members and staff. The visits will support the County’s federal appropriations requests and other legislative and policy initiatives on Capitol Hill. The meetings should be scheduled to coincide with the annual National Association of Counties Legislative Conference.

A second round shall be scheduled for County officials in Washington, D.C. at a time to be determined by the consultant in consultation with County officials to maximize the benefits of the visit and ensure that the County’s funding requests do not get lost in the shuffle of the appropriations process. The visits are designed to strengthen relationships and increase the   visibility of Snohomish County and its officials among key Congressional and Administration                 allies, and should be carefully planned to maximize high-value opportunities and to differentiate and elevate the County’s priorities to federal decision-makers.

Maintain visibility of County legislative agenda issues:

The consultant shall conduct frequent follow-up meetings and contacts with the key staff for the House and Senate Leadership and Appropriations Committees to ensure that the County’s requests remain a high priority.

Coalition building services:

The consultant will facilitate the building of relationships between the County and the National Association of Counties. The consultant will identify other relationships that will assist the County in achieving its legislative priorities.

Monthly written statements of work:

The consultant will provide, at a minimum, monthly written updates to the County contract manager detailing the activities undertaken during the previous month on behalf of Snohomish County and reporting on the status on legislative priorities.

Regular phone calls and briefings to the county:

At least monthly, and more often during critical times in the legislative process, the consultant will conduct phone briefings with the County Council to report on projects and initiatives that are underway and to respond to questions.

Due Date:

May 31st


Snohomish County Purchasing Services

Robert J. Drewel Building, 6th Floor

3000 Rockefeller Avenue, M/S 507

Everett, WA 98201

APCO Worldwide and MWWPR both have lobbying arms.

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