Social Marketing Campaign Development and General Public Education Services Agency Sought

Social Marketing Campaign Development and General Public Education Services Agency Sought


Alachua County Board of County Commissioners is seeking proposals from agencies for the provision of Social Marketing Campaign Development and General Public Education Services for the benefit of Environmental Protection Department.

Scope of Work:

Social Marketing Campaign Development and General Public Education Services for Environmental Programs

  • Program Implementation and Improvement
  • The Consultant will become familiar with the short and long term objectives, philosophies, and marketing objectives along with select existing campaigns and programs of the Environmental Protection Department. Programs include but are not limited to Scoop the Poop, Keeping Grass Off the Streets, Turf SWAP, Clean Creeks Hotline,, and water conservation efforts. The following services may be requested:
  • Provide strategies to evaluate and improve existing programs and to leverage funding and partnerships;
  • Social marketing consultation on reaching target audiences, refining specific behaviors, and related services.
  • Updates and possibly printing services for a variety of printed materials, displays, website content, presentations, and brochures;
  • Purchase promotional items such as (but not limited to) rain gauges, children’s activities, pencils, pens, stickers, shower timers, rulers, and other promotional items to enhance programs;
  • Provide print media advertising placement in local newspapers and community publications in addition to coordinating the development, scheduling of, and reporting of results from television commercials with local cable TV and other television stations;
  • Planning, purchasing, and reporting on advertising results;
  • Provide social media and website plans and implementation (may include website/social media platform design, management, and hosting).
  • Creative expertise, artwork, and video development for outreach programs;
  • Evaluate programs using various survey techniques and provide suggestions for improvement;

Public Relations

-The Consultant may be asked for the preparation and dissemination of approved press releases and newsletters to trade or consumer media on matters relevant to Environmental Protection Department programs as requested by staff.

Media Activity

The Consultant will be responsible for planning, scheduling, contracting, placing, distributing, checking proof of performance, payment and follow-up to approved media used for advertising and promotion. The activities included in this project often qualify as free Public Service Announcements (PSAs). The Consultant should make every effort to provide an effective mix between PSAs and paid advertisements.

Social Marketing

The Consultant must include social marketing techniques designed to influence targeted behaviors in design and implementation elements of all campaigns and programs. Literature reviews, primary research (focus groups, surveys, interviews, etc.) and program evaluation may be required for programs.

Fertilizer Campaign

The services requested, herein, are for developing and implementing a grant funded social marketing campaign for reducing residential fertilizer use. The Consultant selected may be asked to provide the following services,  including:

Fertilizer Campaign

  • Assist with a literature review of existing fertilizer campaigns and of existing research on residential fertilizer behaviors.
  • Identify specific fertilizer behaviors to address in the campaign.
  • Conduct primary research as needed to develop campaign strategies to reduce residential fertilizer use.
  • Provide draft campaign elements and strategies based on research.
  • Assist with market testing of campaign elements.
  • The following elements may be needed (based on the research results):
  • Produce and schedule the broadcast of local television and radio spots.
  • Prepare and secure print ads, social media ads, and/or web ads.
  • Produce written copy, art work, graphics, and videos.
  • Help with the procurement of specialty items that specifically promote the campaign
  • Assist with direct mailing efforts.
  • Create materials for presentations and workshops
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign using survey data, focus groups, and interviews as deemed appropriate. An evaluation report will be required and will include at least two rounds of edit by the County.

Due Date:

December 23


Alachua County Division of Purchasing, 3rd Floor
County Administration Building
12 SE 1st Street
Gainesville, Florida 32601-6983

Agencies to be considered for this assignment should include Zeno Group.

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