Social Marketing RFP Issued By SRHR Africa Trust

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SRHR Africa Trust (SAT) & YouthWyze seek proposals from qualified and experienced organizations to support digital Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRHR) campaigning with and for young people in 13 African countries. Campaigning will include, but not be limited to, providing campaign strategy and structure and assisting in manging delivery of both; developing digital content for information, education, and communication work; and social media support services for SAT’s YouthWyze programme. In addition, it will include designing functionality to support basic digital survey work with young people.


SAT is a 31 year old regional non-governmental, non-profit organisation working to increase the agency and safety of adolescents to make happy, healthy, confident and safe journeys to adulthood. We work through a network of partnerships with NGOs, CBOs, service providers, youth organisations & networks, UN agencies, donors, and key member state stakeholders with whom we have shared values and principles and shared practice.

YouthWyze is a digital hub established by SAT in partnership with young people. YouthWyze utilizes the power of modern technologies and the underlying influence and reach of social media to deliver impactful health information & education, and robust two-way communication. It supports young people to increase their own agency, change harmful behaviours, and better access quality SRHR services, and it aims to disrupt outdated thinking and practices in health delivery.

With this project, SAT seeks a technical partner to expand their reach, engagement, and impact. 

Scope of Work:

Scope of Work: A detailed description of the Scope of Work for digital marketing, website and social media support services is contained in Attachment A (“Contemplated Scope of Services”).

Social and Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) Driven Content Development

Front End Basic Posters

Video Content (Gifs & Short Video)

Shareable Content Design

Promo Content & Boosting

Social Media Support Services (Pages Management and Growth,)

Digital Services Marketing, Communication and Mobilization

The above must deliver:

Reach to over 4.5 million young people across 13 countries.

Increasing page likes to 10,000 in each country.

Increasing the user inbox conversion by 150% for each country

Increasing demand for services by more than 1,000 people per month in each country

Term of Work Services under this RFP are expected to commence on September 6, 2021 and continue until March 31, 2022 (“Initial Term”). At the end of the Initial Term, the Parties may renew this Agreement (a “Renewal Term”).


Digital delivery covers three geographic clusters in Africa and will take place with support from NGOs in the delivery countries.

Southern Africa:  Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, & Zimbabwe, Mozambique

Eastern Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania

West Africa: Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger

Due Date: Sunday, 22 August, 2021


The proposal should be submitted by email to [2] by Sunday, 22 August 2021, 16:00 CAT with a copy to

Relevant agencies to consider include Finn partners.

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