SAM Offers Enhanced Analytics Capabilities for Social Media Advertising

Symphony Advanced Media (SAM), has incorporated the impact of traditional advertising such as print, television, radio and outdoor on social media activity surrounding a brand for enhanced media performance analysis. Integrating wide-ranging, multi-platform media data with social ‘Big Data’ from various sources, SAM provides advertisers enhanced predictive analytics concerning how traditional advertising influences social media buzz to drive sales.

SAM President and CEO Manish Bhatia explained the benefits of the company’s approach:

“Our clients are using an expanding range of traditional and digital media outlets as part of their advertising strategy. While advertisers usually have a very high degree of control over their media strategy, social presents a challenge. One of the biggest concerns our clients have is better understanding [of] how to influence and leverage social media discussions, and how those discussions ultimately impact sales. We’ve expanded SAM’s insights by incorporating data about this critical and growing component of consumer behavior—social media—and can now provide our clients with a more complete picture on media strategy, consumer attitudes, online buzz and sales.”

Analysis combines SAM’s data assets and analytical capabilities with data provided by social data provider Salorix. A recent profile of a large financial services organization showed that traditional media advertising resulted in a 15% increase in social media activity about the brand.

Salorix CEO Dr. Santanu Bhattacharya adds: “Agencies and brands are increasingly looking to tie consumers’ social behavior to actions, and providing a link between these two is crucial for the growth of social media as a marketing platform. Salorix is delighted to be a part of this groundbreaking study with Symphony Advanced Media.”

SAM’s Chief Analytics Officer Haren Ghosh notes: “With this modeling capability, CMOs, brand marketers and agencies can now better understand how traditional media generates social media buzz at key junctures of the consideration and purchase funnel. SAM’s analytics platform harmonizes large-scale data from any source to produce end-to-end insights on the performance of media spend and the resulting consumer purchase behavior.”

Brand entrepreneur David Milberg noted, “CMO’s and brand marketers understand that traditional media and social media both work together with data to impact consumers. The world it has forever changed.”

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