Deadline Date: June 28, 2023, by 2:00 p.m., CT

PURPOSE The Mississippi Department of Human Services (MDHS) is requesting quotes to establish a contract for social media and digital marketing services. It is understood that any contract resulting from this solicitation may require approval by the Public Procurement Review Board (PPRB). If any contract resulting from this solicitation is not approved by the MDHS and/or PPRB (if required), it is void and no payment shall be made. MDHS will award one (1) contract for services mentioned. MDHS has the right to reject any and all quotes during any step of the procurement or awarding process (even after negotiations have begun).


The Independent Contractor shall perform and render the following Media and Digital Marketing


A. Provide a comprehensive SHIP campaign plan in support of the following priorities:

1. Develop a strategic, overarching approach for persons primarily age 55 and older messaging handling Medicare Open Enrollment Period which starts October 15, 2023 and ends December 7, 2023 with media and digital campaign starting September 1, 2023, and ending December 31, 2023, navigate through Medicare, and counter misinformation and disinformation.

2. Develop a statewide strategic, media campaign that is cost efficient and maximizes reach of Medicare beneficiaries and/ or their caregivers, rural populations, market segmentation, most effective media and digital placement recommendations, advertising effectiveness analysis, how to best position State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to be known and trusted community resource for Medicare

information advertising messages relative to other social marketing and advertising campaigns, and the relative merit of selected strategies and messages.

3. Prioritize campaign’s goals and objectives and emphasize Medicare information strategies and tactics to ensure users are reached where they consume information in multiple languages (i.e., English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Armenian).

4. Target Mississippi’s Medicare beneficiaries and/ or caregivers, rural,

Hispanic/Latino, African American/Black, Native American populations to increase education of SHIP.

5. Build upon the existing public awareness campaign assets, primarily social and digital, and utilize the current branding.

B. Conceptualize, develop, pre-test, and produce advertising campaigns and assets, includingactivities such as:

  1. Develop creative brief(s), including campaign strategy statement outlining potential settings, messages, message variables (tone, appeal, etc.), and key messaging.

2. Creative production

3. Maintain, develop, and update content and materials for websites and interactive digital assets:

a. Create content and graphics to support the maintenance of landing pages.

b. Provide graphic design, copywriting, editing, and related services needed for digital assets.

Content shall be designed to optimize the user’s experience across web platforms, including the

growing number of mobile/device users.

c. Upon review and MDHS approval, if needed, develop campaign branded landing pages strategically designed to further engage the user to provide a comprehensive educational experience.

4. Provide social media content to optimize the user’s experience across social media platforms.

5. Provide culturally appropriate translation and adaptation services and coordination. The Contractor must provide in-language communication assets.

6. Upon request, create tangible versions of ads for use by state and local programs.

7. Ensure media placement begins rapidly after the contract start date, and which utilizes tailored/existing assets where possible.

8. Collaborate with SHIP staff to consult best practices, evidence base, and outcomes of previous campaign efforts for decisions about obtaining adequate Gross Rating Points and campaign intensity levels.

9. Reports on the advertising campaign’s implementation and outcomes, including media and digital monitoring and optimization, summarized monthly media reports and post-analysis, and a summary evaluation of the effectiveness of media a digital placement.

10. Detailed reports of media placement to be provided in a spreadsheet, upon request, that shall provide detailed information on actualized media:

a. Total impressions delivered, as applicable to each advertising medium.

b. Actual ratings delivered, as applicable for broadcast media.

c. Target demographics, e.g., age, gender, racial/ethnic group used for planning and reconciling media performance.

d. Detail by vendor, network, or station for each designated media market (DMA), as applicable.

e. Dayparts by market, as applicable. Days aired and time(s) of day, upon request.

f. For digital, the click-through rates and cost per click or the agreed upon key performance indicator.

g. Third party measurement and detailed viewer data, as available, when requested by MDHS.

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