The Agency is inviting potential News and Social Media Monitoring service providers to respond to this RFI.

Scope of Work:

The following services are required:

  • Daily e-mails
  • Delivering news items from national and international news media
  • Social media

These items are to be classified by pre-determined categories selected by the Agency, covering the local and international oil and gas industry. The number of agree users to receive direct e-mails will be determined by the Agency.

Furthermore, the Agency needs to have:

  • The ability to choose specific items from these daily e-mails to be instantly posted as newsfeeds on the Agency’s website. The newsfeeds must have titles and dates, be in “ticker- tape” style available for the full article to be read by any website user through a single click.
  • The ability to send a link to a specific item or items to any contact for their information, both within and outside the Agency. (If we see an article of particular interest to someone within the

Agency, or anyone we do business with, we can send them a link by email and they are able to access the article without any need to interact with the service provider)

  • The facility to compile and send out and electronic mail newsletter under the Agency’s logo and containing the Agency’s own header graphics to its contacts database.

The newsletter should contain articles selected by the Agency regarded as being of interest to the Agency’s contact database. The newsletter should also allow the categorization of articles and direct access to recipients.


An analysis of internal and external use and access through a dedicated internet dashboard is required.

Due Date:

February 28, 2018


Petroleum Agency SA

7 Mispel Street

Bellville 7530

Cape Town

South African PR firms include Edelman PR and Ketchum PR.

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