What is a Social Media Public Relations Agency?

What is a Social Media Public Relations Agency?

It’s easy to assume that a business only needs the support of a public relations agency when they’re in trouble. After all, these professional companies are experts in writing carefully-worded messages designed to preserve a business reputation. However, the truth is that a PR company is a lot more than just a disaster recovery strategy. Now that social media is connecting customers and brands on a whole-new level, PR professionals are more valuable than ever before.

Social media public relations agencies can not only get a brand out of trouble, but they can also reduce the risk that a company will end up in a difficult position to begin with. These experts build brand images, maintain reputations, and ensure that companies have everything that they need to get ahead in a competitive marketplace.

1. An Earned Media Expert:

Unlike a social media marketing professional, a social media PR agency is responsible for promoting individuals or companies using editorial coverage. Otherwise known as “earned” media, this applies to stories that appear on websites, newspapers, and magazines, and it’s an alternative to paid media ads.

2. A Reputation Manager:

PR agencies and advertising agencies both attempt to promote their clients in a positive light, making them seem as important, successful, and relevant as possible in the eyes of the correct customers. The only difference is that most people today view advertising with a certain sense of cynicism, while PR content can appear more believable as it comes from third-party publications.

3. A Strategic Partner:

While there are many different definitions out there for the role of a PR agent – the easiest way to understand these experts is to look at them as professionals with the skills to interpret analyse and understand public opinion as it relates to a particular client. A good agency is simply a strategic partner in the social media world – helping clients to successfully communicate with their audience.

Traditionally, PR agencies used their skills in reputation management and promotion to advertise their clients through magazines, newspapers, and television segments on news channels. Now, there’s a new channel available in the form of social media. Firms hire social media PR agencies when they want to defend or improve their reputation on social media.

4. A Business Analyst:

The right PR agency or practitioner starts by analyzing the specific needs of the organization and finding positive messages that then translate into effective media stories. Those stories can then offer a narrative to interested customers who want to learn more about the brand in question. Overall, PR not only enhances a company’s reputation, but it also improves brand awareness too.

5. A Disaster Control Expert:

Some social media public relations agencies will also take on the role of reputation management and disaster control. This simply means that they know how to launch promotions and tailored responses when something goes wrong with a brand’s reputation. PR agents are masters of writing and distributing content, but they also know how to influence opinion too.

As social media emerges as a more essential part of many marketing strategies – professional PR is once again earning the attention of brands around the world.

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