Social Media RFP Issued By The Westchester County Office of Economic Development

PROPOSAL DUE DATE: February 2, 2024 at 4:30 pm,

The Westchester County Office of Economic Development (“WCOED” or “the County”) seeks a

consultant or team of consultants experienced in working with public sector clients to provide

Social Media Marketing Services for the approximate term from March 1, 2024 through

December 31, 2024(a seven-month period).

Copies of this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) may be downloaded from the County’s website for

RFP’s: under “Social Media Marketing Services”.


The Westchester County Office of Economic Development (WC OED) is looking to select a

vendor to provide social media marketing services.

The goal of the social media marketing is to:

  • Showcase Westchester County as a great place to work, live and visit
  • Showcase the initiatives of the WCOED and reflect the department’s priorities
  • Drive increased reach and engagement
  • Maximize each platform’s algorithms for the best results

Current Social Media Channels

  • Facebook: 4-5 posts per week
  • LinkedIn: 5 posts per week
  • Instagram: 3-5 posts per week
  • Make recommendations on new channels to increase reach and engagement

Create Content and Post:

  • All our events and programs
  • The resources that the WC OED offers to startups, small businesses, minority- and
  • women-owned businesses
  • The events that we sponsor
  • National days/weeks/months featuring program participants and businesses in
  • Westchester (e.g., National Entrepreneurship Month, Small Business Saturday, etc.)
  • throughout the year
  • Spotlights about participants in our programs and businesses in Westchester
  • Community events that occur throughout the County (e.g., parades, Holiday Markets,
  • etc.)
  • Why Westchester is a great place to grow a business
  • WC OED features in magazines and online
  • Share existing Westchester County Executive posts
  • Use all tools (reels, stories, feed)
  • Make recommendations on new content to increase engagement
  • Imagery and Tone
  • Use existing WC OED branding and colors
  • Use actual photos (headshots) of people featured in our posts
  • Tone: Keep it simple and informative, and make it engaging
  • Engagement cadence & frequency
  • Engage a minimum of 15 minutes a day
  • Manage the Director of Economic Development and Director of Entrepreneurship and Innovation’s LinkedIn
  • Like, share, and comment


  • Present social media report showing quarterly.
  • Facebook
  • Content cadence & frequency
  • 9 am-3 pm, 3-5x a week

Content calendar

  • Post activities, experiences, and places to visit
  • Give people reasons to visit
  • Work with local businesses to promote the Hudson Valley
  • Highlight what visitors can’t see or do anywhere else
  • Share Hudson Valley features in magazines and online

Imagery & Tone

  • Imagery: Real people, High-Quality, User-Generated Content (UGC)
  • Tone: Keep it simple and informative, and make it engaging
  • Engagement cadence & frequency
  • Engage a minimum of 15 minutes a day
  • Like, share, and comment
  • Key messages
  • Establish the Hudson Valley as a unique destination
  • Give visitors ideas of what they can do in the Hudson Valley
  • Monthly Social Media Retainer Outline
  • Content development for Facebook and Instagram, including Reels & Stories
  • Weekly engagement
  • Scheduling
  • Account Service/Reporting 


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