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The Water Research Foundation (WRF) is interested in investing approximately $100,000 with an applicable company in order to succeed at marketing water utilities.

A WRF project, Forecasting the Future: Progress, Change, and Predictions in the Water Sector (2012) states that “the projected growth in social media … will be the most significant trend affecting information technology during the next 10 years” – and this trend has profound implications for water utilities. The report recommends that utilities “embrace new communication channels to proactively control public perception.”

The entire proposal, should include:

Proposal Cover Worksheet: Can be found in the Emerging Opportunity Program Worksheets section at:  http://www.waterrf.org/funding/Pages/proposal-guidelines.aspx

Background and Statement of Need – Provide a brief summary of the current state of knowledge for the issue that the proposed research will help address, and the drivers for the proposed research. This section should clearly articulate:

1) How this work compares to past or ongoing related research.

2) If the proposed work is duplicative of past research efforts, why this additional work is needed.

Objectives – The proposed research objectives should be clearly identified in one or two sentences.

Technical Approach – Describe how the proposed research will be conducted and the tasks necessary to accomplish the objectives.

Benefit to WRF Subscribers – Identify the practical benefits of the proposed research to water utilities and the drinking water community.

Research Team and Other Participants – Identify the key members of the research team and provide brief statements of their qualifications to conduct the proposed research. Identify any other organizations that have committed to collaborate on the proposed research. Curriculum vitae or resumes for research team members are required.

Proposals should be submitted to  EmOpp@waterrf.org by 3PM MT on September 24, 2015. For proposal submittal questions please contact Caroline Bruck, at cbruck@WaterRF.org.

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