Society for Cardiovascular Angiography Issues Branding RFP

Society for Cardiovascular Angiography Issues Branding RFP The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI) seeks proposals from qualified persons or agencies to provide a Branding Strategy, a Name Change Evaluation, Logo Design, and Graphic Standards.


SCAI was originally founded in 1977 and incorporated in 1978, as The Society for Cardiac Angiography. At the time, coronary angioplasty was a new technique, and a group of progressive physicians discussed, while attending an annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology, developing their own specialized group focused on angiography (imaging) and interventions. At the time emphasis was placed on registration of all procedures performed by members, development of quality standards for cardiac catheterization laboratories, the establishment of criteria for credentialing physicians (FSCAI, MSCAI), development of the CCI Journal, and guidelines for training in cardiac catheterization and angiography. Later it was decided that the name should be changed to The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions to reflect a growing and diverse membership and evolving interventional technology.

SCAI is now the “home” of interventional cardiology representing nearly 4,300 invasive/interventional cardiologists and cardiac catheterization laboratory professionals. Of these members, 3,186 earned a credential of Fellow of SCAI or Master Interventionalist (MSCAI). Consideration will be given to how a possible name change may impact the credentialing process. SCAI’s membership is 23% international and represents more than 70 countries. Similar interventional organizations exist in other countries, and it is important to consider SCAI’s brand recognition and name within the wider international community.

For this RFP, they are looking for samples/templates of how the new logo and/or name will function across the following nine channels and programs:

  1. (Homepage layout and one clinical sub-page such as congenital, coronary, peripheral, etc.)
  2. (Patient-focused homepage)
  3. CCI Journal (Cover only)
  4. SCAI Scientific Sessions (Annual Meeting Program Cover)
  5. SCAI Fall Fellows (Sub-brand; meeting program)
  6. SCAI This Week masthead (E-newsletter)
  7. (Online community homepage)
  8. SCAI – QIT (Quality Improvement Toolkit) (Sub-brand)
  9. SCAI PAC sub-brand logo

SCAI Audiences include:

  • Physicians – Adult cardiovascular interventionalists, pediatric interventionalists
  • Cardiovascular professionals and cardiac catheterization lab teams (hospital administrators, nurses, techs)
  • International physicians
  • International medical societies
  • Academic program directors
  • Early career / Fellows in Training
  • Patients (
  • Partnering organizations and stakeholders
  • Medical industry professionals / corporate community partners

As SCAI moves forward with several upcoming design projects, we want to modernize, unify, and create clear and cohesive messages for our members and stakeholders about the society and its numerous sub-brands. SCAI has undergone tremendous change over the past several years, and rebranding is intended to show new and clearly defined leadership and a fresh approach to our members, industry partners, and stakeholders.

The current SCAI brand and name present ongoing internal and external challenges for designers and marketing staff. Not only does the current artwork appear dated and the website cluttered, but more importantly SCAI has failed over the years to present a cohesive look and feel across marketing channels and branded materials.

The name itself, The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions Foundation, presents a character count and layout challenge for designers, who resort to using simply the heart logo with SCAI spelled out beneath in a dated vaguely Star Trek type font. This logo does not explain who the society is or who it serves. In addition, the word “foundation” is intentionally left off by staff due to space constraints and it confuses the audience.

Scope of Work:

SCAIseeks a partner with a proven track record  for creative excellence in brand development  to develop a process and strategy to engage stakeholders in a renaming and rebranding initiative. The overarching goal is to have a consultant or agency:

  • Assess the impact (positive or negative) of a rebranding and renaming of the society while building consensus among stakeholders
  • Develop a brand platform for SCAI, including positioning, a l i g n m e n t , personality, promise, differentiation, and value proposition.
  • Develop an architecture to support current brands and relationships between brands as they travel across marketing channels and programs.
  • Create an updated visual brand identity and naming conventions for sub-brands and future programs
  • Provide design templates for the nine channels and programs outlined above.
  • Develop graphic standards for future use by SCAI’s in house designer

The rebranding process should include:

  • Discussions with staff about current design challenges and future SCAI projects
  • Development of a project timeline and approval processes
  • A brief review of key competitor assets
  • A limited number of interviews (perhaps 20) or a survey of a representative sample of key stakeholders. This may include members of the executive committee, board, or committees, partnering organizations, medical industry representatives and key opinion leaders within the international community
  • SCAI staff may be called upon to assist in this effort where appropriate.
  • Development of three to five logos for final review by leadership
  • Once the final name and logo are finalized, creation of graphic standards and style guidelines, templates and usage examples for the annual meeting program, e-marketing, membership appeals, social media, and SCAI sub-brands

The final implementation of carrying the new look and feel across SCAI sub-brands, online properties, and marketing channels as well as a branding campaign to SCAI audiences will be implemented by in- house staff.

Due Date:

July 24, 2017 to:


Lisa McDonald, VP, Marketing, Membership, Communications, and Public Relations

SCAI 1100 17th  Street, NW #330

Washington DC 20036


Strong healthcare PR agencies include Ketchum PR and Burson-Marsteller.

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