SourceCode Communications Profile

SourceCode Communications, founded in 2017, is a tech public relations shop based in New York that helps businesses craft their stories, which will, in turn, fuel their success. This is a business that has been at the forefront of many big changes in the communications industry since its first inception, 15 years ago. Additionally, the business was launched with the mission to further evolve both the public relations industry and the communications marketing industry.

SourceCode Communications has a clear vision when approaching both communications and commercial challenges, in a way that makes it individual to the client it’s working with. The detail-oriented business obsesses over all the small things so that in the end, every single piece of content, every idea, and every strategy is going to be polished and will be the right one that will reach the client’s goals.

The team of professionals who are working at SourceCode Communications are experts when it comes to knowing how to make the most of media and drive engagement and truly excel at storytelling in the aspect of creating moments that matter for the clients. The way that this business works with its clients is by putting the people first. This way, SourceCode Communications can leverage all of the relevant data when creating campaigns that are going to make the target audience connect with the messages.

SourceCode Communications offers its clients a variety of services that deliver results, including strategy and counsel, insights and analytics, earned media and storytelling, media training, crisis communication, analyst relations, executive visibility, social media and influencer relations, B2B reviews program, content amplification – both paid and earned, as well as a consumer reviews program.

The business was co-founded by two people that have a combined 25 years of marketing and communications experience. SourceCode Communications provides its clients with strategy, creativity, and, most importantly, humanity because all successful campaigns rely on both great work and strong personal relationships.

The co-founder Greg Mondshein has been working in the industry for the past 15 years and has managed to both launch consumer tech companies and grow technology PR firms, by using bold and creative campaigns.

The co-founder Rebecca Honeyman has a passion for strategic messaging as well as brand narrative development. She’s the person that brings the global perspective to the communications and technology aspects of the business and manages to create award-winning B2B, consumer, and corporate campaigns for various businesses worldwide.

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