South Carolina Issues Legislative RFP

South Carolina Issues Legislative RFP

The South Carolina Materials Management Office (MMO), on behalf of the South Carolina State Treasurer’s Office (STO), is soliciting proposals from qualified offerors to provide legislative relations services that will increase education and awareness regarding STO programs and gain support from citizens, stakeholders and elected officials to ensure achievement of the agency’s mission, in accordance will all requirements herein.


The Materials Management Office is headed by the Materials Management Officer, who also serves as the Chief Procurement Officer for Supplies and Services. The Materials Management Officer reports directly to the Director of the Division of Procurement Services. Because Procurement Services, the Office of State Engineer, Audit & Certification, and Business Operations & Strategic Planning all report to the Materials Management Officer; MMO is synonymous with the Division of Procurement Services. To find a complete listing of our staff, use the Contact Us link on the sidebar to this page.

This office provides administrative support for the division including strategic planning. Among its responsibilities are human resources, all financial and accounting functions, budget forecasting, bid opening and control, administrative fee collection and control, auditing of statewide contracts, vendor registration, and general office support.  It serves as the project management arm of the division and liaison with other entities on projects and strategic matters. Additionally, the section is responsible for the delivery of training and certification requirements to division staff and all state procurement professionals as required by law and regulation. Finally, it publishes the South Carolina Business Opportunities newsletter (SCBO).

Scope of Work:

The overall goal of the STO legislative relations effort is to increase education and awareness regarding STO programs and gain support from citizens, stakeholders and elected officials to ensure achievement of the agency’s mission. The

Contractor shall assist the STO with, but not limited to, the following:

  • Provide professional advice and make strategic recommendations for advocacy efforts to key stakeholders including elected officials.
  • Provide recommendations and services to assist with the STO’s legislative agenda;
  • Represent the STO for the purpose of making the agency’s position known on pending and proposed legislation, policy and rulings;
  • Consult with and apprise the appropriate STO leadership and/or their designees on a regular basis regarding targeted matters being considered by the State and Federal government that may impact the STO or STO programs. Draft and/or edit any proposed legislation or requests deemed necessary to support the STO’s mission and assist in securing suitable sponsors to introduce such legislation; and
  • Counsel, as appropriate and/or necessary, STO officers regarding attendance at relevant meetings and/or for hearings on applicable legislation

Account Management:

The Contractor shall make an initial visit to the STO to coordinate and finalize all objectives outlined in the Contractor’s proposal and the RFP after the notification of contract award; the STO and the Contractor shall mutually agree upon the date and time of the initial meeting. The Contractor shall then meet periodically with appropriate STO officers to provide status updates and reports as requested as well as timely feedback via telephone, email, and fax as necessary.

The contractor will provide an account manager, subject to STO review and approval, to serve as a single point of contact to STO personnel. The contractor will also provide and identify a back-up contact within 30 days of execution of the contract. Should a personnel change occur during the term of the contract, STO retains the right to approve any replacements for key management positions servicing this contract.

Due Date:

January 15th, 2019.


SFAA, Div. of Procurement Services, MMO

PO Box 101103

Columbia SC 29211

MWWPR has relevant experience.

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