South Park Business Improvement District (SPBID) Request for Proposal District Identity and Branding

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Branding Services

Due date: 9/29/2023

1. Introduction:

South Park Business Improvement District (SPBID) is seeking proposal from qualified branding agencies to provide comprehensive branding services. The purpose of this RFP is to identify a partner who can assist us in enhancing our brand identity, positioning, and overall market presence. The South Park brand has not been updated in 10+ years. In Spring 2023, SPBID hired a consultant to initiate a brand evaluation and audit. In August, SPBID formed an ad-hoc committee of the board to review the recommendations and initiate a refresh of SPBID’s brand and identity. The Consultant’s recommendations are available upon request.

2. Background:

About the BID

Nestled in the Sports & Entertainment District, SPBID manages a 52-block area containing the STAPLES Center, L.A. LIVE, Los Angeles Convention Center, California Hospital Medical Center, and the Pico Metro station.

Our Clean and Safety Ambassadors, who are easily recognized by their signature forest green South Park uniforms, patrol South Park 24-hours a day, seven days a week to ensure a positive experience for visitors and residents.

A Board of Directors, made up of South Park property owners and stakeholders, oversees the management of the BID. The full-time management team leads day-to-day operations including security and maintenance of our streets, coordination with local developers, interaction with our valued residents, and business support services. The Board of Directors also works closely with city leaders.

Our Mission

The mission of the South Park Business Improvement District (SPBID) is to continually support the unique living and commerce experience for its residents and businesses by facilitating a safe, clean, collaborative and wholesome environment, while leveraging the opportunities that arise due to its location and role in the historic transformation of DTLA.

Placemaking and Events

South Park is at the economic, cultural, and entertainment epicenter of Downtown Los Angeles. We are home to LA Live, the Convention Center, Arena, Peacock Place and the Grammy Museum, as well as California Hospital, USC Tower, ASU DTLA Campus, and businesses large and small. We activate the public realm and the community through events and

installations that engage residents, workers, and visitors alike. SPBID sponsors signature gatherings and events like Luminex, Sounds of South Park, the South Park Farmers Market, and a Taste of South Park. While millions of people annually attend Lakers, Kings, Sparks, and Clippers games, as well as concerts and conventions in South Park.

Economic Development

District Identity and Branding


The success of large and small businesses directly contributes to a clean, safe, and vibrant community. To facilitate that success, our team helps owners of new businesses navigate the complex processes of permits and construction; we promote and support existing businesses; we partner with brokers and leasing agents to attract new businesses; we advocate for better transit and pedestrian infrastructure; and we work with the City and developers to ensure new projects benefit the community at-large.


Ambassadors maintain the public realm seven days a week. Our team removes over 30,000 pounds of trash and 2,000 square feet of graffiti per week, maintains street furniture for the parklet on Hope Street, and supplies dog waste bags for Mutt Mitt stations within the District

3. Scope of Work:

We are seeking a branding agency to provide the following services:

• Brand Strategy Development: Create a comprehensive brand strategy that aligns with our business goals and resonates with our target audience. This includes positioning, messaging, and differentiation.

• Visual Identity Design: Develop a new visual identity that includes logo design, color palette, typography, and imagery. Ensure that the visual identity is consistent with our brand strategy and values.

• Collateral Design: Design various collateral materials such as letterheads, brochures, banners, signage, and other print materials that reflect our brand identity.

• Digital Branding: Extend the brand identity to our digital presence, including website design elements, social media profiles, and email templates.

• Brand Guidelines: Create comprehensive brand guidelines that outline the proper usage of the brand elements, ensuring consistency across all communications.

4. Proposal Guidelines: Interested branding agencies are requested to submit a detailed proposal that includes the following:

• Agency Overview: Brief introduction of the agency, its expertise, and relevant experience in providing branding services.

• Team Expertise: Provide information about the key team members who will be involved in the project, including their roles and experience.

• Approach and Methodology: Outline your approach to developing a brand strategy and executing the visual identity design. Include details about your creative process, research methodologies, and how you will collaborate with our team.

• Portfolio: Showcase examples of previous branding projects that demonstrate your agency’s ability to create impactful and successful brand identities.

• Project Timeline: Provide an estimated project timeline from initiation to final deliverables.

• Budget: Include a detailed breakdown of costs for each phase of the project.

• References: Provide contact information for at least two references from previous clients who can speak to your agency’s work.

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